Camellia Blossoms in the Garden

Good Friday to you all.  Today I would like to share pictures of a gorgeous camellia tree blooming in my garden.  I only have one camellia bush, it came with the house and though I’ve moved it a couple of times it always survived and rewards me with sublime pale pink and dark prink striped blooms. These blooms are so pretty that every year I admire their beauty.   Such beauty comes at a price though as these blossoms are so heavy that it be rain or shine, they droop on the bush; making it hard to appreciate these lovely blossoms.



Most of the times these blooms just fall to the ground as if to say  “We are too heavy for our branches.”  And rather than break the branch, they fall gently.  Pleasantly they always seem to fall face up.



On the day that I was walking around my garden at least five to six blooms were on the floor.  I brought them indoors and floated them in a bowl of water. They looked like lotus flowers to me.





I also brought in one small branch with a couple of blossoms to display in a vase.



I hope you enjoyed these photos of camellia blossoms in my garden. Stay safe and well and wash your hands often.  Let’s stay on course and continue our social distancing.  Have a good weekend 🌸.


The Beautiful Camellia
by Frances Dugg on

The camellias bloom in Winter when the skies are cold and gray
When the sun shines at it’s weakest and the Spring seems far away
Each tree an individual by the shade of flowers they bear
An avenue of camellias of one shade of flowers more often than not rare.

In shades of pink and creams and reds the colours one might name
Each is an individual for no two look the same
The beautiful camellias resplendent in their flowers
They bloom in lawn and garden on Winter’s coldest hours.

The beautiful camellias bloom in the cold winter showers
And long before the southern spring they will have lost their flowers
And on June’s coldest and wettest day great beauty I can see
A mass of pink flowers blooming on the green camellia tree.






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  1. i’ve been doing the same with my camellias by snipping and putting them in a shallow vase. we have two bushes and they’re beautiful like yours but the leaves are a darker green.

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