First Spring Rose

Happy Easter!

It’s Easter Sunday and though it’s not our typical Easter celebration, we do have much to be thankful for.  Our world is coming together against a common enemy, the corona virus.  When was the lat time the entire world stood together in solidarity?  In the true meaning of Easter, let us celebrate the arrival of Spring’s hope and the victory of good over sin.

The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.”
–Katie McGahan

Heaven on Earth rose

The weather turned gorgeous around here yesterday just in time for the weekend. The sun was shining, the sky blue with puffs of white clouds, and birds chirping.


In my garden, signs of spring are showing with roses opening their first blooms and nasturtiums showing off their bright orange blossoms.

Heaven on Earth rose



Heaven on Earth rose opening its first bloom on Easter Sunday
Betty Boop rose
Ketchup and Mustard rose

Nasturtium blossoms in the garden

Have a good Sunday.  Stay well, be safe and take care.




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  1. Happy Easter. Beautiful Flower! Even in our garden this is the rose which is blooming first. You had given this 4 years ago!

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