Rosé & Roses. A Mother Daughter Wine Tasting Experience in Los Gatos, CA

Hello and Happy New Week! I hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating your Mom. Today I’d like share pics of a wonderful mother daughter wine tasting and bouquet making event my daughter Sri surprised me with for Mother’s Day.

Wine and flowers 🍷💐

Wine and flowers – sip a rosé  and make a bouquet – my kind of leisurely time spent on a lazy Saturday. And I got to do it with my daughter 💕🥰.

Gali Winery in downtown Los Gatos

What a cool idea Gali winery in Los Gatos came up with for Mother’s Day! They introduced a new rosé wine and in honor of Mother’s Day offered a mini class on making flower bouquets. Such a fun concept.

Quality time with my daughter ➕ flowers ➕ glass of wine 🍷💐💕

Truly this was the most unique Mother’s Day experience and the best part was that my daughter and I got to spend some quality time together.

We chatted away about all things we love – flowers, home decor, artists and gourmet foods. All while sharing a tasting of Gali’s wines and making a floral bouquet to take home.

Great idea for friends too 🥰

Why post a Mother’s Day event post Mother’s Day? Because this is a great idea to do together with friends, sisters, and aunts too 🥰🍷💐!

Next time you walk past a sign offering a quick floral bouquet lesson and a sip of wine, go with your friends – it’s a fun relaxing hour with all the feel good vibes of flowers and wine 🍷💐.

Wishing you a fabulous week filled with flower and fauna 💐

14 thoughts on “Rosé & Roses. A Mother Daughter Wine Tasting Experience in Los Gatos, CA”

  1. Dollly, what a great way of spending the wonderful day. Kudos to Sri for organising this.

  2. How precious!! What a very thoughtful way to honor a mom – major points for Sri for such a great job coordinating your Mother’s Day celebration! Such an awesome concept: Rose‘ & Bouquet or Sip & Create🍷💐🥰

  3. What a Magnificent way to Celebrate Mother’s Day with your Newly Married Daughter, Sri Devi . Sri is dressed beautifully too in a Saree (?) with an eye-catching Rose Floral Print. i love to Watch these Bonding Moments with your Kith and Kin Dolly on your Blog . Your Images are truly worth a Million Words .

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