Wildflowers at Mori Point in Pacifica, California

Hello and Happy Friday! Today I’d like to share pics from a gorgeous hike we went on to see wildflowers by the ocean at Mori Point in Pacifica, California.

Mori Point

This little excursion happened because of what knowledge our friends Tarak and Swati passed on to us after they went to Mori Point couple weeks earlier to see the wildflowers.

Okay I must admit we are late to all the wildflower viewing super bloom viewing party in California. To be honest as we are pretty late in the season to see wildflowers we weren’t sure what we would see when we finally made it out to see them. But we figured any hike by the ocean is a bonus and headed to Mori Point in Pacifica last weekend.

Uphill walk to an ocean overlook with spring wildflowers

It’s a gradual uphill hike that eventually leads to steps that take you up to the ocean overlook where yellow wildflowers run right into the ocean. The roundtrip walk is 2.5 miles making it a more manageable hike.

Yellow wildflowers as far as the eye can see

Once at the overlook it’s a vast sea of yellow wildflowers against the backdrop of the Pacific ocean. Truly a gorgeous view as only Mother Nature can create.

Ocean, Wildflowers, Mori Point

For a fairly quick excursion to see wildflowers against the gorgeous backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, head to the Mori Point preserve in Pacifica, twenty minutes south of San Francisco.

Mori Point Trailhead

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