Fall Weekend in Sonoma Wine Country

Hello and Happy Friday! Hope you had a good week and are ready for the weekend. Today I’l like share pictures of our fall holiday in Sonoma Wine Country last week.

The changing colors of the vines

Fall is a fabulous time to visit wine country, especially later in the season when the frosts have set in and it’s getting colder at night. These colder temperatures entice the vineyards to change color in wonderful decadent ways.

Yellow, gold, orange and burgundy

Yellow, gold, orange and dark reds were the shades that were in view when we visited Sonoma wine country last week, the vineyards had already started changing color. A beautiful sight on a beautiful fall weekend 🍂.

Burgundy vines

Miles and miles and hundreds of acres of vineyards

Honestly we’ve done a lot of wine country trips around California but nowhere have we seen stunning views of vineyards for miles and miles and hundreds of acres of vineyards for as far as the eye can see. These pictures really don’t do justice to how vast the vineyards run in Sonoma.

See that patch of orange and yellow in the hills? Those are vineyards too!

The vineyards line both sides of Dry Creek Road in Healdsburg, and run all the way up into the hills all through Sonoma Valley. It’s a sight to behold! And in the fall the vineyards look even more spectacular with their changing colors.

Still green here

Relaxing fall weekend in Sonoma Wine Country

We stayed at a beautiful airbnb right in the heart of wine country and did wine tasting at the local wineries. The luxury of staying in town allowed us to pace our wine tasting experience – we did about two wineries a day, took a lunch break in between, and then would come back home and relax before dinner. Talk about a relaxing few days with beautiful scenery around.

Wild turkeys at our airbnb

A flock of around twenty wild turkeys would come every morning and hang outside our patio. Thanksgiving turkey anyone 😁🦃?

Wine tasting in Sonoma Wine Country

This area is known for their world renowned zinfandel and most if not all wineries require reservations and are timed for 1-hour tasting experience. There are hundreds of wineries in Sonoma wine country. Seriously there are so many wineries here and yet they were all packed as it was Veterans Day Holiday and lots of folks had come up for the weekend.

Many of the wineries have set up their tasting experience outside with gorgeous scenery so it feels like a wonderful respite from the world’s problems. Honestly though, as much as I liked the olden days when we could just walk-in leisurely and do wine tastings, there is a certain civility to making reservations and enjoying wine in a relaxed fashion without a crowd of people around you.

Ferrari Carano

We had a wonderful tasting experience on their terrace overlooking the vineyards. It was a gorgeous fall day with crisp blue skies, sunny and pleasant, the perfect introduction to our Sonoma Wine Country experience.

Truett Hurst Winery

Another fabulous winery on Dry Creek Rd is Truett Hurst with more than just wine and vineyards. Here they have goats, sheep, a veggie garden, and of course good wine too .

Salmon Spawning Area

What makes Truett Hurst Winery unique is the creek that runs through the vineyard where salmon spawn in the late fall through winter.

Wilson Winery

Wilson Winery recommended by our friend Padmini was outstanding. They had so many reds on their menu and they were all phenomenal. The tasting experience was relaxed with a gorgeous view of the vineyards below. This winery was a great find!

Dutcher Crossing

This one we visited for nostalgic reasons. We had visited almost a decade ago and loved their property which is surrounded by vineyards that run all the way up into the hills. Just a beautiful place to relax, sip wine, and stroll among the vines.

Ridge Winery

Beautiful relaxing seating area and the vineyards here were garnet red!

Chic Farm Stand by Single Thread

Stopped by a very cool looking farm stand that had just opened. Operated by Michelin star restaurant Single Thread the produce here were fresh picked and surprisingly affordable.

Dry Creek General Store

If you’re in Sonoma Wine Country on Dry Creek Rd. we discovered an outstanding deli and general store. Really folks if your’e wine tasting and need food to continue doing it, Dry Creek General Store is the place to grab a quick bite. They have delicious sandwiches and baked goods all made right there with ingredients fresh picked from the farms. We’ve never had sandwiches so fresh and delicious. We ate here for lunch the entire weekend, it was that good!

Wholesome world class wine and hospitality

Sonoma in the Fall is so relaxing, I highly recommend it if you can manage the time. The best part is just like it’s reputation – the people here are extremely friendly, not pretentious, good high quality wine and wholesome hospitality. We loved it!

For a relaxing, friendly wine tasting experience head to Sonoma Wine Country in the Fall

That’s a look at our weekend getaway in Sonoma Wine Country. If you go in the next couple of weeks I think the vineyards will be even more vibrant orange and red!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your fabulous wine tasting getaway! Your beautiful pics make it so much more inviting to visit Sonoma Wine Country.🍷

  2. Beautiful getaway – we usually go to Napa Valley but after reading your post, Sonoma should be our next wine country outing 🍷
    Thanks for sharing!

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