Fall Weekend in Big Sur, CA

Hello and Happy Friday! Today I’d like to share pics of beautiful Big Sur which we visited last week. Here in Northern California sunny blue skies, cool temps and spectacular scenery is what awaited us in Big Sur.

Hwy 1 with its gorgeous scenery

Driving up or down the coast on Hwy 1 is a sensory overload. Vista points around every bend and people stopping off every few minutes to take pictures. This coastal road always amazes all who drive on it.

Blue on Blue Beautiful blue Skies and Blue Ocean

Vista points along the way. We took so many pictures 😁.

The sunset

The Chef’s Garden

I’m always curious what professional gardeners plant and how they maintain their gardens, and this one is for the restaurant at the hotel.

Falconry Talk

Did you know falconry is the art of working with birds of prey and is a ten thousand year old art? At this talk Antonio our Falconry expert had four birds of prey he gave a talk on – Falcons, Great Horned Owl, Barnyard Owl, and a hawk.

We got to pet a great horned owl and practice falconry with a trained falcon. It was all fascinating and we learnt so much!

Did you know?

Did you know a Peregrin Falcon can fly at 300 miles an hour! 300 miles an hour!! That’s impressive! Did you also know a Barnyard owl has the vision that can see two miles away!

Forest Bathing?

I learnt a new phrase on this trip – forest bathing! I thought this is when you take a dip in a pond in the forest. Nope! It’s a term used to describe strolling in the forest!

Local Art Gallery

We stopped by Big Sur Bakery and had coffee and fabulous scones and I even checked out a cute little art gallery selling local art.

Lunch and Wine Tasting on the Way Back

After a relaxing two days in Big Sur, we headed back home via Carmel. We stopped by Corral Winery in Carmel Valley and grabbed lunch at Folktale Winery. It was a gorgeous fall day, perfect for our drive back home.

That’s a look at our weekend getaway in Big Sur, California. I hope these photos enticed you to head out on a nature viewing drive in your area. Maybe a leisurely drive to see fall colors or drive by the coast?

Happy Weekend and Happy Fall!

13 thoughts on “Fall Weekend in Big Sur, CA”

    1. Honestly, visiting Big Sur in the fall was just stunning, it was not crowded, the weather was amazing and the other tourists on the road were so relaxed and friendly, it was a beautiful getaway.

    1. I know when I took you to Big Sur in the summer it was different with all the farms brimming with vegetables, this time on our drive the farms were actially planting new seedlings.

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