Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!
Wishing all the wonderful Moms a wonderful day filled with love and relaxation 💕❤️🧡💛💐 !

Today, on this very special day honoring Moms, I would like to share this poem I discovered titled “To be in my Mother’s garden again.”  This poem spoke to me immediately as my Mom was an avid gardener and a botanist who grew all kinds of flowers, vegetables and herbs in her tiny garden patch, and enjoyed all things nature 🌿🌱☘️💐.


To Be in My Mother’s Garden Again
Author Unknown

I grew up amongst every kind of plant and flower,
Beyond our gate was the garden of dear mother;
This Eden was colourful, tangled and so sensational,
So erratic, untamed and just totally unmanageable.

Mother knew the Latin names of each blooming posy,
The iris, lily, rose, aster, dahlia, marigold and peony;
I really loved the purple larkspur and pink gardenia,
Mother said she loved them all but adored camellia.

Brightly painted butterflies danced and glided happily,
And the nesting birds all sang their songs so loudly;
We had an old swing and we would sit and sip tea,
In the shade of the trees, just my mother and me.

O to turn back the clock of time, moving and clicking,
To be in my mother’s garden again, a child dreaming.

Mom and me

My gardening passion comes from my Mom and though she is in my thoughts often, on Mother’s Day I think of her even more and appreciate how she instilled in me and my siblings love for this wonderful hobby called gardening!



Happy Mother’s Day!

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