Father’s Day Celebration Menu

A good Monday to you.  I hope your week is starting off well.  How was your weekend? How was Father’s Day Sunday? For us our weekend was very relaxing. We just hung out with the family as we celebrated Father’s Day at home. We spent time at the pool and made a few of Hitesh’s favorite foods.


For dinner we went the Indian route and made one of his favorite Gujarati dishes which is kichdi – a rice and lentil pilaf.  I made a spiced eggplant and tomato stew called gotsu to go with it.  And our eldest daughter made salted caramel dark chocolate brownies, while one of the twins made a blueberry mocktail.  Here is a look at our Dad’s day dinner menu.

Father’s Day Celebration Dinner:
Blueberry smash kambucha with mint and honey
Kichdi – lentil and rice pilaf with onions fried in ghee
Eggplant Gotsu – spiced eggplant tomato stew
Salted caramel dark chocolate brownies with ice cream

Blueberry smash kambucha




Kichdi and Gotsu




Tomato eggplant gotsu


Salted caramel dark chocolate brownies




That’s a look at our Dad’s day dinner menu. It’s a great vegan menu that is packed with flavor and healthy goodness.  Give it a try!


I hope you are ready to tackle the work week ahead.  Or are you like so many of us and soooo tiered of COVID-19 and all the ways in which it has messed with our lives?  Well, this young artist took her frustrations out onto an artwork on her garage door.   We came across the garage art during our morning walk today and had a good laugh 😁😃.




Wishing you a good start to your week.  Have a great week everyone.

9 thoughts on “Father’s Day Celebration Menu”

  1. I made the delicious salted caramel brownies that you blogged about Kalpana (which I believe was also Rose’s recipe maybe?). Huge hit with the family! Your recipes are always delicious, easy to follow and make. I love trying them and making them. Thank you both so much, as your blog and recipes bring so much joy to others.

    Lots of love to you and your families.


  2. Very delicious menu! Glad vivek does not read this blog! He made his own lunch on Father’s Day!

    Nice artwork on the garage door!

  3. Another lovely menu Kalpana!!!! I especially love that you served the blueberry kombucha. A lot of people don’t even want to try it, but it is so refreshing in the summer. I may just quietly make a kombucha punch at my socially-distant al fresco dinner party for five under my massive maple tree next weekend!

    1. Thank you Dorothy!! kambucha is an acquired taste, even for me it took some time to enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing some pictures from your al fresco party under your maple tree!

      1. The first time I tasted it, I didn’t know if I liked it or not because it was strange. The second time, I thought I probably didn’t hate it. The third time I actually started enjoying it. Now, I drink it all the time if I can find the low- or no-sugar brands.

  4. Love it all, Kalpana! Thank you for the humor and for always keeping us entertained! The artwork is cute and hilarious!😂

    Your Father’s Day dinner menu looks delicious! Will definitely try the kombucha drink.😜

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