Friday Flowers. Windy Day Bouquet to Show Off a Treasured Ornament

Hello and Happy Friday! After one of our big wind storms this week I walked around my garden to cleanup and found this beautiful branch. The branch was my inspiration for this windy day bouquet.

Around here this week has been cool and windy. Cool with temps in the 60s and 70s and very windy – almost fall like weather. To show off a beautiful ornament that I picked up from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a long while ago I displayed it on a lovely branch I found after our storm.

About the ornament

I bought this ornament at a local market in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico almost a decade ago. It spoke to me immediately as it was a scene of farm workers working in the fields. I bought three each one a different color – orange sky, yellow sky and a turquoise sky.

I remember I got the additional two for dear friends who are also avid gardeners. Funnily when it came time to part with them, I couldn’t decide which one to keep and which ones to give away! I finally parted with the blue and yellow sky ornaments and kept the orange for myself.

Recently I was at one of my friends place and saw the ornament I had gifted hanging on a branch on an orchid plant. All these years later – It still oozes handcrafted charm and beauty.

Now for some pics of my windy day bouquet to show off the fallen branch and a treasured ornament

In the arrangement are fuchsia, roses, scented geraniums, English lavender, and mint.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

5 thoughts on “Friday Flowers. Windy Day Bouquet to Show Off a Treasured Ornament”

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  2. So breathtakingly beautiful, Kalpana!! Gorgeous arrangement and love your story behind the sweet ornament!🥰. Happy Friday!❤️

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