Friday Flowers. Breakfast at Clifton Nursery in Little Venice, London

When we were on holiday in London back in December of 2019 I got a post from a fellow blogger herbalbessingblogs on a little nursery in the city with a charming cafe on the premises. It was a historic nursery which had been given a makeover. Did someone say nursery? I’m there!

Did someone say nursery?

I love going to nurseries in the cities I travel. It’s a glimpse into the local plants and flora. I love taking a break from the usual sightseeing to do something that’s “off the beaten path” like checking out a local nursery. Walking among plants and flowers is a great way to relax especially if one has been running around making sure they’ve done their check list of sightseeing must dos.

How to convince the family to stop by a plant nursery?

How do I convince my family who want to check out some cool sites around London to make a stop at a nursery? We have to eat breakfast don’t we? The carrot on the stick of this excursion was to share with the family that Clifton Nursery had a cafe in a greenhouse that served warm breakfast. Not just pastries and coffee but eggs and oatmeal too.

Clifton Nurseries since 1851

Clifton Nursery was an easy tube ride to the Warwick Station in an area called Little Venice. The nursery is literally ten steps from the station nestled smack in the middle of a residential area. Here, even the subway station was decorated with flowers!

The building in the back are apartments

Two continents Same plants

I’m always curious about local plants and flora. I love to discover new and different plants than what I can get back home. Surprisingly the plants for sale here in London in December were the exact same that I get back home in our California nurseries.

Hellebores, cyclamen, pansies, and more

Winter plants that are popular back home were also popular here. Plants such as cyclamen, hellebores, pansies, hyacinths, bulbs, and ferns.

As I was admiring this beautiful hyacinth pot with moss my kids literally dragged me away saying “No Mom! You cannot buy this and take it back!”

Pots and urns for the pot addict LOL

Clifton nursery also has a beautiful array of pots. If your’e like me and love container gardening. you know that we’ll go to great lengths to bring a pot or two back home.

The Cafe. The real reason my family came

The cafe at the nursery was as charming as I expected. Nestled in a greenhouse the cafe at Clifton Nursery is popular among locals for breakfast and lunch.

The cafe is so beautiful one can just sit and relax over a latte or brunch surrounded by greenery and potted plants. My girls ordered muesli with fresh fruit and coconut and toast with poached eggs and avocado. Really delicious and fresh, the breakfast at the cafe made our visit to the nursery worth it for my family 😋 🪴.

If you’re looking for a non traditional place to grab breakfast in London stop by the cafe at Clifton Nursery for a delicious brunch surrounded by greenery right in the heart of London’s Little Venice district. And if your’e a gardening aficionado, this is definitely a fun detour for you!

Flotsam and Jetsam at Clifton Nurseries in Little Venice, London
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  1. What a great excursion! Thanks for sharing another fun outing. Great way to kill two birds with one stone – food and flowers in one venue, I’m there, too!😍

  2. This is a great idea! I like to go to grocery stores, from mom-n-pops to big chains, in the places we visit. I’ll try local nurseries for a change 🌿

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