Indian Snack Mix “Salad” – Chevdo Salad

Hi folks, looking for a creative snack time treat for yourself or to serve when you have a friend or two over? This one is as easy as it gets!

About the recipe

A very popular savory snack mix in India is called chevdo and is a staple in most Indian homes. A mix of fried lentils, fried chickpea flour sticks, spiced up potato chips, nuts, and spices – chevdo is a quick go-to snack when you want something savory.

Think of it like a chex mix but with lots more spicy flavor and dimension.

A snack mix salad

Sometimes when we want to jazz up this snack mix, we chop up tomatoes, onions and cilantro and mix it with chevdo with a squeeze of lemon juice . Voila! A delicious afternoon snack in minutes good enough to serve when you have company.

It’s crunchy, savory, spicy and fresh all in a wonderful snack that’s so flavorful you’ll definitely finish off the entire bowl!

This is a snack that cannot be saved for later as the chevdo will get soggy from all the veggies added to it, so yeah – you and your family should go ahead and finish off the bowl LOL.

Easy as 1,2, 3

The recipe is so easy, really very very easy. Buy a bag of chevdo from the Indian store. The snack isle in the Indian grocery stores are huge! Pick up a variety of chevdo styles, and try them all.

When ready to make the “chevdo salad” chop up 1/2 cup onion, preferably red onion cut up very small. Chop up a tomato also cut very small, and a few sprigs of fresh cilantro. Add all this to about 1/2 cup of any chevdo mix and mix all the ingredients together with a squeeze of lemon juice. That’s it.

For a delicious crunchy, savory, fresh tasting Indian snack mix salad give this chevdo salad a try!

Chevdo “Salad”
Indian snack mix salad


1/2 – 1 cup of Indian snack mix called chevdo
1/2 cup finely chopped red onion
1/2 cup finely chopped tomato from 1 tomato or 4-5 cherry tomatoes
3 tbsp finely cut cilantro
Juice of 1/2 lemon

Cook’s notes: Make the chevdo salad right before serving. As it does not hold up well to sitting around with all the veggies.


Place all the ingredients in a serving bowl (except the lemon juice).

When ready to serve toss everything together. Squeeze juice of 1/2 lemon and gently mix again. Serve right away.

Happy Weekend!

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