Pakoras, Cake and Chai. A Menu Worth Replicating

I had my cousins over for tea a couple of weeks ago as I hadn’t seen them in a while, and when all our schedules finally aligned, getting together for Sunday afternoon tea seemed like the perfect low-key way to meet up. What I had planned for tea was pakoras, cake and chai.

Pakoras are meant to be had with a crowd

Since I had just learnt how to make veggie pakoras from my friend Lakshmi, I couldn’t wait to make them at home. The best way to eat these fried veggie fritters called pakoras is to have them when family and friends are over.

Warm pakoras eaten as they are fried up and served

Seriously folks, my cousins Uma and Meera were helping me fry the pakoras and half the time the pakoras didn’t even make it onto the platter 😋. We were eating warm pakoras as they were being made 😃.  

When they eventually did make it onto the platter the pakoras were gone before the next batch were ready. Fun, fun, fun!  We had them with a chilled glass of white wine.

Chai and pakoras and perfect combo

When we got stuffed with pakoras, Hitesh made chai to go with its as this is a favorite combo in India.

I made a zucchini orange cardamom cake for our sweet treat.


This cake tastes even better the next day giving all the orange and cardamom flavors a chance to come through and allowing the zucchini to moisten the cake just a little bit more. It’s super delicious with a hot cup of chai.


Little cousins were having two cake pieces each! They loved it 😊😋.


Sunday Afternoon Pakoras Teatime Menu

Crispy fried veggie pakoras
White wine
Fresh cut fruit
Cheese platter
Zucchini Orange Cardamom Cake

Give this tea time menu with pakoras, cake and chai a try!

6 thoughts on “Pakoras, Cake and Chai. A Menu Worth Replicating”

  1. Delightful tea menu. Mouth watering😋 The girls are beautiful and it looks like they enjoy each other’s company. 😍

    1. Thanks Stella! The girls adore their big sister cousins Anjali and Rani 😘😍. It’s always cute to see all the girls together. Rani loves to sew a little pouch or something for them 😃

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