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Hello and Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend. I’d like to start the week off with pics from my recent visit to Sweden. That’s right, Sweden!

The occasion

We dropped off our daughter Anjali in Stockholm for her summer study abroad program, she’s taking psychology classes at a local university. Hitesh and I decided to stay back for a few days – he met with his Stockholm team and got some work done, while I took the opportunity to explore the city.

Can you guess what times I took these shots?

Folks, did you know the sunset in Sweden is at 10pm! And Sunrise is at 3.30am! Because they are so far up north, the days are loooong in the summer, and you do need blackout curtains to get a good night’s sleep.

7.42PM still bright and sunny
10.41PM Sunset
3.49AM Sunrise
3.50AM Sunrise

Checked out a few off the beaten path spots this time

Since our whole family is going back end of summer for a proper holiday in Sweden, I saved Stockholm’s famous sites such as the Vasa Museum and Gamla Stan also called Old Town for later. On this trip I checked out a few obscure kind of “nice to do” but not on the “must see” list.

I went to the Rosendal Garden, the Nobel Prize Museum, a day trip to Vaxholm Island, checked out the smaller Viking Museum and strolled the waterfront in Stockholm.

Walk on the waterfront in Djurgården


I took advantage of the Swedish FIKA all the days I was there. A welcome break in the morning or late afternoon with a cup of coffee and gourmet pastries and salads or open faced sandwiches. Such a wonderful concept FIKA is!! To take a relaxing break to ponder and take in your surroundings, or just chat with your peers. Love it!

FIKA outside the Nobel Prize Museum
FIKA at the Rosendal Garden
FIKA at Voxholm Island
FIKA at the Viking Museum

Stockholm is a city of waterways and boats

I had no idea Stockholm would be such a beautiful and charming city! Surrounded by waterways that run like veins throughout the city, there are multitude of tiny islands that make up this area – called the Stockholm Archipelago.

An archipelago is an area that contains a chain or group of islands scattered in lakes, rivers, or the ocean.

Stockholm is made up of tiny islands connected by bridges on the archipelago.

Water, water everywhere.

The main natural feature in this city is water where over hundred bridges provide walkways and roads for people to get around the city.

Ferries and Boats

Ferries and sightseeing boats shuttle passengers between the islands.

In fact they have hop on hop off style ferries, and even boat stations like a bus stop where locals can wait to catch the next boat to take them to another island on the archepelago.

Of course there’s the every popular public transit system consisting of the metro, trams and buses. But water is the predominant theme here. Beautiful blue water .

Venice of the Nordics

Stockholm is aptly called the Venice of the North. So much of the city is surrounded by water that it did look a lot like Venice.

Beautiful blue waters of the Baltic Sea and Lake Malaren come together in Stockholm to create magical waterways that run throughout the city and along tiny islands.

Boats boats everywhere

Folk, I seriously think in Stockholm there are more boats than cars. I’ve never seen so many boats in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Apartments, condos, homes, retail, museums are all near a body of water. Just beautiful. Every condo complex near the water has a boat docking station just like a parking lot.

Walking along the waterfront in Djurgården

I spent an afternoon strolling on the waterfront in the Djurgården neighborhood where most of Stockholm’s main attractions can be found like the Vasa Museum, The Museum of Wrecks, the Nordic Museum, The AbBA Museum, and the Rosendal Garden.

In Djurgården you can walk from one museum to the next while also passing by residential areas, local parks, and restaurants.

Beautiful weather, gorgeous city, a relaxing time

I had a wonderful relaxing time exploring Stockholm in June. Unlike many European cities, Stockholm is not packed with people and tourists, making it a very pleasant experience to have a relaxing holiday here.

Everyone speaks English making it easy to travel around and explore the beautiful city.

The weather was warm in the low 80s and cool in the 60s in the evenings. Food is outstanding, catering to all diets such as vegan, lactose free, gluten free and vegetarian with a fabulous multi- cultural cuisine as well.

Venice of the North

Looking for a relaxing time while exploring historical museums, and have fun doing it? Head to Stockholm. Check out Old Town, visit a few museums, and take a dip in the water at the many local beaches around the city. This is a fun, relaxing holiday.

Tomorrow: Visit to the Nobel Prize Museum and The Viking Museum

Visit Stockholm

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  1. How exciting.
    All the best to her. You enjoy your holidays and Sweden again when you go later

  2. Beautiful post! Love all the pics! Can’t wait to get to Stockholm myself.
    Congrats to Anjali – I’m sure she will have a great adventure!

    1. Yes on both counts! We get to see a place that we normally would not think of visiting. Anjali is already settling in nicely, says she feels more safer there as a student.

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