4 days in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one happening city filled with history, excitement, fun and lots to do. Berlin! Oh my the history in this city!

History history

WWII monuments and museums, Holocaust memorials and monuments, The Berlin Wall, Cold War Museum, Spy Museum, there are so many historical significant museums here that we barely had to time see them all.

We barely covered all the major sites, we could have easily spent a week in Berlin to cover everything the city has to offer. We just have to go back 😄.

We saw the Holocaust Memorial, The Topography of Terror Museum, Check Point Charlie, Parts of the Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery a day trip to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, checked out Museum Island, and walked along the river. We covered a lot, and yet there is so much more to see here.

The Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial is a somber reminder on what happened during WWII. Right next to it appropriately placed is the Topography of Terror museum.

Topography of Terror

The museum which chronicals the rise of the Nazi regime gives a detailed timeline of how the victimization of jews began and slowly started escalating over time. I learnt a lot at the this museum. It wasn’t just Hitler who made the holocaust possible but a number of generals under him who were the masterminds of all the terror.

Another observation historians made is the it also took common people who overlooked the horrors around them and even spied on their neighbors and friends which lead to jews being persecuted.

Day Trip to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Need I say more? I very somber trip but one that must be seen so that we don’t repeat history.

The Berlin Wall Monument

The Berlin Wall separating East Berlin from West Berlin ran throughout the city. After the fall of the wall, some of the sections were preserved and are today historic monuments that are spread out over Berlin.

Many of the monuments are outdoor venues that are free with informational boards narrating the history of Berlin and the Cold War.

Remnants of the Berlin Wall can be found all around the city with each area having its own significance.

This area of the Berlin Wall was significant for the spikes that were placed on the ground so that citizens who tried to escape East Berlin had a hard time. Can you believe the lengths the Soviet Union took during the Cold War to keep the citizens in East Germany.

Eastside Gallery

An outdoor museum featuring a section of the Berlin Wall on the river bank where during the Cold War many tried to cross the river to freedom in West Berlin. The wall in the 1989 was given an artistic look when after the fall of the Berlin Wall over 20 artists from 21 countries got to use their artistic skills to decorate the wall.

There are over 100 images that have been painted on the wall celebrating the reunification of Berlin.

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the most well known Cold War border crossing between East Berlin and West Berlin. This is also where Soviet tanks and American tanks and soldiers manned the border.

Walking along Museum Island

Museum Island is a popular area where multiple museums in historic buildings are located. A walk in the area is a pleasant stroll along the canal.

Did I mention the weather was cool, raining and drizzling?

The weather was in the 60s partly cloudy, raining and drizzling in August. Take an umbrella and raincoats, you’ll get bursts of unexpected rain during the day ☔️.

Things to know before you go

Most government museums are free. There are many private museums that do require tickets.

What we didn’t see that require advance purchaseThe Reichstag which is a historic government building that is the seat of the German Bundestag since 1999 and during WWII the government seat of the the Nazi regime. This building is beautiful and a central part of Berlin.

There are so many more attractions such as the Cold War Museum, The Spy Museum and private museums such as the Dark Matter Museum, Light and Sound Museum and more.

What I love about Berlin 🧸

I love the history that abounds in Berlin and how the city hasn’t shied away from its dark past. Museums abound on all topics historical from the Nazi regime to the Cold War. And there are also lots of new non historical and fun museums too.

The city is multicultural with people from all parts of the world who are are very proud of their city, what it has overcome, where it is now, and where it’s heading.

There is a palpable positive energy in this city – it was very cool to see.

For a Break from the Heavy Historical Sites

I will say this- all the WWII, Holocaust and Cold War Memorials and narratives can weigh heavy on our psyche. For us after a few days of historical sites, we were ready to do something light hearted. We headed to a local Flea Market and just strolled the streets of the many charming neighborhoods in Berlin.

That’s a look at our Berlin itinerary.

Hope this gave you an idea of all the sites to see in this beautiful city. I only covered half of the attractions that are here. Do your research and make sure to buy tickets in advance before you head to Berlin. Happy Traveling!

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