Walk Along Djurgarden in Stockholm, Sweden. The Nordic Museum, Vasa Museum and The ABBA Museum

The Djurgarden district of Stockholm is a beautiful area where many of the museums on the Stockholm tourist list can be found. Each museum is walking distance from each other along the banks of the Baltic Sea.

Walking along Djurgarden

The Vasa Museum

The famed Vasa Museum is situated along the waterfront in Djurgarden. The museum houses the only fully preserved Viking ship in the world. A story that’s so crazy you have to see it and read about it to believe it.

After being submerged for over 300 years the ship was found in the sea almost fully preserved, including pieces of clothing, utensils, and food. The pictures don’t depict the sheer size of this ship – it’s over five stories tall! In fact the museum has five stories of steps and balconies to give visitors a chance to see the ship from all angles.

The Vasa’s claim to fame is not what it accomplished but what it didn’t accomplish. It sank the moment it left the shore. A design error that was caught by the engineers but were told by the King to finish the project regardless because of press commitments. It sailed into disaster.

If you’re wondering why the ship didn’t rot away over hundreds of years especially as it was made entirely of wood. The science behind it’s preservation is the brackish nature of the waters of the Baltic Sea which are high in salt but not as high as regular sea water and also oxygen-poor nature of the water, which prevents the wood from rot.

Nordiska Museet. The Nordic Museum

Nordiska Museet, The Nordic Museum is a great way to get a glimpse of Swedish life and style.

The Nordic Museum situated in the Djurgarden area depicts Nordic culture over the ages.

Swedish Anglophile

It seems the Swedes have a fascination with Britain. So much so that to sell their local attire many times designers would use British images on their clothing to increase sales.

The Paris of the Nordics a Special Exhibition

When we visited there was a special exhibition of Nordic fashion over the decades.

A very fun exhibition that showcased the designer fashions of the royalty and elite of Nordic society.

The ABBA Museum

Speaking of fashion, The ABBA Museum is a cult favorite among fans of the hit Swedish singing group – ABBA. At this fun museum visitors can see the fashion and costumes of the group, get a history of how they started and even sing along karaoke style to many of their hit songs 🎶.

The ABBA Museum is more of quick fun excursion that requires no more than an 1 hour, a perfect lighthearted detour from the usual sightseeing.

I love love the Djurgarden neighborhood!

I absolutely love Djurgarden area! Beautiful scenery abounds with waterfront walkways, bridges and boats where one can stroll for as long as you want, or sit for a FIKA break along the banks and watch the boats.


I have to admit this area was my favorite spot in Stockholm. I would walk along here and enjoy the beauty around me and let time just pass.

The Nordic Museum Stockholm
VASA Museum
ABBA Museum

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