Friday Flowers. Visit to Rosendals Garden in Stockholm, Sweden

Happy Friday! Wishing you a fabulous weekend! Today I’d like to finish my series on Stockholm with these pics from my visit to the Rosendals Tradgard garden.

Rosendals Gardens

On day two of my stay in Stockholm I decided to explore a non touristy attraction, a place the locals like to frequent – a beautiful local garden that’s very popular among the residents- the Rosendals Gardens.

Rosendals is a local favorite here in Stockholm where they go to stroll in the gardens and grab a bite to eat at the cafe on the premises.

A stroll in the gardens

When I visited I found out it was too early for summer flowers and the spring flowers had just been tilled over to make room for summer veggie plantings. Hence I didn’t get to see much flowers but the gardens were still a beautiful respite on a warm June day.

The Peony Garden

It was peony season in Sweden when we visited as was obvious in all the floral arrangements at our hotel, restaurants and cafes. Here at Rosendals the peony garden was still in tight bud but I did see some gorgeous blooms here and there.

My favorite plum colored peony!

These peony blooms were giant!! I’d never seen flowers this gorgeous before!

The Apple Orchard

The apple orchard at the gardens is very popular for picnics. With plenty of seating among the canopy of the apple branches this is a a wonderful place to sit and relax.

The Veggie Garden

It was obviously early in the season for the veggie garden, with seedlings still being planted and getting ready for the summer ahead.

The Nursery

I do love visiting nurseries in the places I travel to. They give me a glimpse into the local flora and fauna. Interestingly on this summer day the plants and flowers on sale were very similar to what we get back home in California.

The Quaint Gift Shop

The plant shop as this on site boutique was called was a charming shop with potted plants, pots, books and all sorts of plant accessories. In fact the front facade of this gift shop is one of the signature images for the Rosendals Garden.

Inside the charming shop were beautiful potted plants in aged terracotta pots – plants such as scented geraniums, oxalis, and even seedlings of fig trees.

The Seed Wall

An entire back wall was dedicated to seed packets. All beautifully displayed, it actually looked like an art installation 🥰.

The bud vase installation

One entire glass wall facing the alley was lined with bud vases creating an art installation type of effect. Just beautiful and organic.

The local’s favorite cafe

The cafe at the Rosendals garden is a local favorite. Serving FIKA style pastries, salads and sandwiches, this cafe is extremely popular and gets packed at lunch time. I got there early, but by the time I left it was getting crowded.

A beautiful detour from the usual tourist attractions

If your’e looking to do something different that’s off the beaten path from all the tourist attractions in Stockholm, stop by Rosendals Garden for a stroll among the flowers and fabulous picnic lunch in the garden.

Visit Rosendals Tradgard in Stockholm, Sweden

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  1. I love that you did something off the beaten tourist path and of course, it’s perfectly in line with your passion for gardening 🌱

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