Fall at Chanticleer Gardens in Philadelphia, PA

Happy Sunday Folks! Wishing you a fabulous day ahead! Today I am so excited to be sharing photos of my recent visit to Philadelphia to see my sister and our tour of the Chanticleer Gardens

Fall at Chanticleer Gardens

My sister and I made an afternoon visit to this beautiful garden in late October. It was a beautiful sunny pleasant afternoon with little chance of rain, just perfect for our garden tour. Truthfully I wasn’t expecting a stellar show as its already getting cold and I assumed the gardens are going dormant. But I was thrilled to see the gardens looking gorgeous and lush as ever spilling over with fall colors, flowers, fauna and vegetables.

Nature Portraits in Green

Some of my favorite sites were the creative use of greenery in the gardens and patios. Pots spilling over with herbs, ivy, succulents, grasses all so artistically planted gave a sense of calm and serenity that greenery brings to any garden.

I do so love plants in pots !

Fall Flowers

The Veggie Patch 🍆🍅🥬🌶

Oh what a beautiful veggie patch this was! Perfectly manicured with seedlings in neat rows all flanked with flowers such as marigold and nasturtiums. Even pumpkins were growing perfectly. This veggie patch was right out of a storybook ❤️🧡🍆🍅🥬🌶!!

The Cutting Garden

What a treat the cutting garden was!! With so many flowers blooming carefree it was a feast for the eyes. We really didn’t expect to see so many blooms especially in late October.

Tomatoes reaching for the sky!

This was one cool way to grow tomatoes! The plants were all in pots in a greenhouse and growing 2 storeys tall!

The Home and Patio

I hope these photos inspired you to get out and do some gardening this fall and maybe pot up a plant or two!

Happy Fall Gardening!

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