Two Days in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Design Museum, Little Mermaid, and Nyhavn

One can cover a lot in two days in this charming city. Here’s a look at the places we enjoyed in Copenhagen.

Rainy, cool August in Copenhagen

First off let me mention that the weather was unexpectedly cool and raining. According to the locals this is normal summertime weather. But that didn’t deter us from getting around and checking out this charming city. So go prepared with raincoats and umbrellas ☔️ and have a good time.

We covered the Design Museum, The Little Mermaid Statue, and strolled and explored the picturesque area of Nyhavn.

Morning coffee and pastry a Copenhagen tradition

Walking is the best way to get around the city and especially fun when you wake up early like the locals to grab a pastry and coffee and walk along the canals.

Little Mermaid

We grabbed breakfast at a cafe 15 minutes from the Little Mermaid, and then walked to see the local landmarks.

Design Museum Denmark

My favorite attraction in Copenhagen and the coolest museum I’ve been to. An off the beaten path attraction, this very interesting museum focused on all things design – all sorts of design from chairs, to dresses, apps, to packaging, it was all very cool and interesting.

Design forward Chairs

So much creativity and imagination and functionality goes into design – I had no idea.

The Future is Present

Dresses and fabrics made from recyclable materials.

Dress made from woven machine knitted milk yarn made of dairy waste

The dress titled Vindur is made from woven silk and machine knitted “milk yarn” which is made of dairy waste production. A well known traditional technique used during wartime when resources were in short supply and waste was transformed into value by recycling.

New and Creative Apps

These apps were so unique I had to share them with you. What if you could order delivery by choosing your delivery type? Depending on how fast you want your goods, your charges varied. Want a “rabbit” a younger delivery person for faster delivery? Or want a “snail” an older delivery person for a budget friendly option?

Beyond Life

This another exhibit I liked – I want this when I pass away. A place for my loved ones to grieve. So how does it work?

The colorful pods which are biodegradable house flower seeds or a tree seedling and are meant to be buried in memory of a loved one. Then watch the flowers bloom – a place to grieve or sit and remember.

One of the most enjoyable museums to check out, the Denmark Design Museum is a wonderful off the beaten path attraction in Copenhagen


Nyhavn is the most visited attraction in Copenhagen. It is a beautiful street on the canal with lots of restaurants, cafes and retail. This is a fun area to walk around, grab a bite, and relax with a drink.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens a historic landmark in Copenhagen is always on the must see list. But to my surprise it’s not a garden but an amusement park. One of the oldest amusement parks in Europe Tivoli Gardens has been operating for 180 years. Sri and I stepped in for a brief 30 minutes one evening just to check it out 😄.

That’s a look at our holiday in Copenhagen.

The best part of our holiday in Copenhagen is how walkable the city is, making it easy to get from one attraction to another. The weather is pleasant and the city is charming. A beautiful city to check out for a quick visit.

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