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Folks, if you read my article on Chinese New Year. 2017 The Year of the Rooster, you also read a lot about chickens and roosters. I mentioned in that story that my friend Iya took all of the photos of chickens for that article.


Iya lives on a wooded property here in the South Bay where her landlord has a cabin and rents it out to Iya and her husband who moved there six months ago. One of the fun perks of living on the property for Iya is the opportunity to feed and even get a few eggs from the chickens her landlord raises there. These chickens roam free within a certain grassy area and have a coop where they head to at night. Iya takes it upon herself when she has time to feed these chickens.


So when I was looking for images of chickens and roosters for my post on Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rooster, I reached out to Iya and asked her if she could take some pictures of these chickens for my story. Iya graciously agreed. What transpired is a funny text narrative by Iya as she was sending me her photos. Iya’a chicken speak as I call it is hilarious 😀😀!  I thought you might find it entertaining as well 😀.

🐓🐓Here it is – Iya’s Chicken Speak Text Exchange 🐓🐓

Me:  Hi Iya, can I ask you a favor. Can you take some pictures of the chickens on your property? I and doing an article on chickens and need some photos. Can you take some of them in the coop, outside, together, close-ups, and one selfie with you and the chickens too 😊.

Iya: Sure, as soon as they are out I will take a ton of pics. Taking selfie with chickies will crack me up! 😂

That Afternoon:

Iya: When they see me they know the food has arrived!


Run for the food!


 Eating bread out my hands.


Who is going to get it first?


Fighting for the piece of bread.


This one cant decide bread or bread!


Having a meeting. Bread is the subject!


White chicken is a bully. She wants all the bread to herself!


Everybody wants a piece of bread at the same time!

Me: Chickens like bread and carbs too, just like people! 


This one is wondering “Where did the bread go?”


 Getting the best piece from the angle where nobody can get.


 First bird gets the bread. First come first serve!


 Orange chicky is my favorite!


 And here is my selfi


White chickie is getting ready to pluck someone.


Chickens hiding spot!



My cat never misses out on chicken action!


Me: Thank you Iya, these are awesome! I think I have enough pics for my story!

Iya: Awesome! I am glad.

Here are some more stories from the “chicken farm” on Iya’s property.

Why Iya thinks the white chicken is a bully and tends to pluck the other chickens: It seems a fox grabbed 2 of her little chickies, and ever since then the white chicken has become aggressive towards other chickens.  Poor Mama! I am sure any of us Mom’s would be upset too if anything happened to our children 😠.


How the fox got caught! The landlord on the property was not happy about the fox swiping his chickens and set a trap to catch the culprit.  And the fox took the bait! See photo below.


How Iya’s cat and her chickens became friendly acquaintances:  It seems when Iya first moved to her new cabin in the woods, whenever she let her cat out, if the chickens happened to be roaming free they would run scared in different directions. Some chickens were brave and would puff up their wings and walk imposingly towards Iya’s cat, but the moment her cat arched his back, these chickens ran off.  Over time the chickens got used to seeing Iya’s cat on the grass, and now they just look at the cat as one of their acquaintances and just go about their  own business, while Iya’s cat watches the chicken action.


I hope you enjoyed this little chicken soap opera. See, chickens are like people. They have personalities, they have their share of bullies, they fight, they jump the line for food, they get upset when something happens to their loved ones, and they know a good source of “income” when they see one – Iya with food 😀.

In honor of chickens I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you a few chickpea recipes. Did you think I was going to share some chicken recipes? Gotcha 😀!

Chole. North Indian Spiced Chickpeas, Roasted Fennel & Chickpea Salad, Sundal. South Indian Savory Chickpea Snack and Curried Chickpea Soup.


Here’s to Happy Chickens!


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  1. Just read your blog the story about my chickens! What an impressive writing, love the story! Thank you so much, I was smiling for the whole time!

    1. Me too, even I was smiling the whole time 😀. My husband loved it too! Thanks again for all the cool photos. Makes me want to raise chickens now. Did you read the story on Chinese New Year? I had a lot of cool information about chicken personalities and how they think and feel, it was very interesting.

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