Goat Cheese Tart with Sundried Tomatoes

This is a recipe I got from watching Barefoot Contessa’s show on Food Network.  Ina Garten was making a beautiful goat cheese tart with thinly sliced zucchini.  It looked positively gorgeous. But I am not a big fan of zucchini – no offense to zucchini fans. This recipe also called to make a homemade pastry crust – and I am not a fan of that either.

I decided to take Ina Garten’s recipe and make it my own. I used a store bought frozen piecrust (the kind you have to roll out) for the goat cheese tart, and instead of zucchini I used a jar of sundried tomatoes as my topping.  To turn this delectable tart into a meal – I served it on Sunday evening with a tossed green salad as part of my Sunday Salad routine.  

Here is the recipe for the tart from Barefoot Contessa Goat Cheese Tart.  To make my version, just buy a readymade frozen pastry dough and follow Ina Garten’s instructions. Then make these modifications.

  • To the goat cheese mixture add 1 garlic clove finely chopped in addition to the lemon zest and fresh thyme.


  • After you spread goat cheese on the pastry dough, top with sundried tomatoes. Drizzle with olive oil and bake in a 375-degree oven for 30 minutes.


  • Let the tart cool for 15 minutes before serving.



You can serve tart on top of a simple salad for lunch or as a light dinner option. Goat cheese tart can also be served as an appetizer.



Cook’s Notes:  If you buy a readymade pie crust and use sundried tomatoes instead of zucchini, you don’t have to cut a thing to make this delectable tart. This is an awesome recipe – Goat Cheese Tart.




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