The Owl in the Courtyard is Back!

Hello everyone.  I had to share this little bit of garden news.  My little owl in the courtyard is back!


I was doing the dishes yesterday evening and looking out my window that overlooks our courtyard and I see this little owl sitting on our lamp. I grabbed my phone and took a picture and sent it to Hitesh with this note, “The owl is back!”  For those of you who are new to my blog, I posted a story about an owl that resides in our courtyard  The Owl in the Courtyard.


This time the little owl hung out under our kitchen eves for almost 9 months until April when he left.  I thought I wouldn’t see him again until late Fall, but to my surprise he is back already.  Like clock work he came back in July again!  Guess where he is sitting today?  Back in his old spot under my kitchen eaves.



The Owl in the Courtyard. He is Back!

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