Flowering Fruit Trees

What is really beautiful about fruit trees and many times overlooked is their spectacular flower show in the Spring. Every fruit tree bears beautiful flowers before they become fruit.  

Apple tree in bloom

When fruit trees are in bloom they rival any sought after Spring Cherry Blossom trees.  Peach and nectarine trees have gorgeous flowers in a dark shade of pink. Cherry, plum, and apricot trees have mauve pink flowers.  Apple trees bear sultry pale pink/cream colored flowers with a darker pink center.  Even orange and lemon trees have lovely little clusters of white flowers whose intoxicating fragrance wafts through any garden!

You can only imagine the beauty of these flowering fruit trees at the farms and fruit orchards blooming in profusion all at once.

I found out from a friend about large fruit farms here in  Central Valley, California, a 2 1/2 hour drive from the Bay Area.  Sunil said in Central Valley which has the nickname of The Fruit Basket of America, is where one can see thousands of Almond trees, peach, nectarine, plum, cherry, and orange groves, all in bloom in the Spring.

Peach trees in bloom in Fresno County
Almond grove in bloom in Central Valley, CA

Called Blossom Trail in Central Valley

Sunil showed me a map where there is even a Blossom Trail that one can drive on to see the fruit trees in bloom.  This is not a tourist destination with entrance fees and amenities, but more of a drive along side the orchards at your own pace.  

You can pull off the road and take pictures and continue on as your drive. This area in early spring is a popular backdrop for wedding photography as well.  

Central Valley has a web site where they provide visitors with updates on when is the best time to stop by the Blossom Trail.


Typically these fruit trees are flowering any time between early February to mid-March.  Check out the Central Valley web site dedicated to these spring blossom fruit trees at Fresno County Blossom Trail.

We missed seeing the flowering fruit trees this year as it is towards the tail end of the flowering season now, and with all the recent rains the flowers are on the floor.  So we’ll wait to check this beautiful scene next year.

Flowering fruits trees in the neighborhood

Driving around my neighborhood I came across fruit orchards in bloom in our own gardens.

To see vibrant fruit bearing trees and their spring flower show, just head to an orchard in your area.  If you missed the fruit tree blossoms this year.  Keep it on your winter to-do list for next year.  

A fabulous drive to see beautiful flowering fruit trees – it’s something special to look forward to in the dreary months of winter.

Blossom Trail in Fresno County
Fruit trees with their pink blossoms ready for purchase in early Spring at the local nursery


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  1. Dolly, amazing captures of all the Flowering Fruit trees . Also , interesting observation about the bees getting their pollen from different flowers – Knowledge is also somewhat we can get our wisdom from various sources including Nature , Books , Life’s experiences . The best part is Bees produce Honey more for humans than for themselves ; Trees also produce fruits for others and the Rivers do they ever drink their own water ? All the more reason why we should not cut trees or destroy a Beehive.

    i am so proud of you Kalpana Sheth – your blog is a source of great information with interesting details and Spectacular photos . Love Vinatha Aunty

  2. Beauty in our own backyard! do not need to go far from home! you have captured the nature’s beauty very well Kalpana. And narrated it well too.
    Thanks for sharing. Love it.!

  3. be it known that even within a drop of honey, there are subtle essences of these flowers, leaves and fruits, amazing, amazing! Thanks Dolly for stretching one’s imagination.

  4. Nature’s beauty! Everything in the universe, it looks, is based on the five basic elements, space, air, heat, water and soil, living beings, no exception. For instance, mangoes are grown only in a tropical environment.
    Nice pictures and good narrative, Dolly, keep up and hope to enjoy more of them.

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