Fresh and Light Birthday Lunch

My dear friend Rose came over for lunch to celebrate my birthday back in July and since my birthday is during the summer break that meant at least one child was home from school. On this afternoon it was Anjali who joined us for our super light, fresh, and healthy lunch soiree. Here is a look at our birthday lunch menu.

Fresh and Light Birthday Lunch

Fresh Herbs Salad with Radish, Cucumbers, and Pickled Onions
Indian Scrambled Eggs
Savory Scones
Fresh Fruit
Black Tea – Harney & Sons Paris Blend








Try this deliciously healthy and nutritious lunch menu for any occasion. It’s a menu worth replicating.


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    1. Thanks Basanthi! I’m so happy to know that you find the menu suggestion helpful! I was thinking of posting more of these kind of menu suggestions, you know so it’s helfpul when others are planning a lunch or dinner. Thanks for you comments!

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