The Allure of Paris. A Walking Tour of Cafes, Patisseries, Boutiques, and Chocolatiers

For so many years I’ve heard Paris described as the most romantic city in the world. Cafes on every corner, patisseries to please us, boutiques that excite us, and art to delight us.  I have to say this is the first time I truly understood the allure of the city.

The Allure of Paris

I think it’s because this is the first time we really explored Paris and the art museums in a leisurely manner. Our plan to cover one museum a day and leave the rest of the afternoon open to explore was the perfect itinerary. It gave us an opportunity to take a break from sightseeing and capture the essence of Paris.

To truly appreciate the charm that is Paris, one has to walk. How else can one stumble upon the talked about cafes, patisseries, chocolatiers and boutiques?

Cafes to satisfy our coffee fix and hunger pangs.

Cafes on every corner? No, not just every corner but every few steps. Depending on what neighborhood one is exploring countless cafes can be found on every street and nook.


Each cafe with a casual welcoming atmosphere with menus outside allowing us to decide if we want to sit in this one or maybe the next one.  


These cafes offer anything from a quick espresso to a full lunch, and everything in between, anything goes. And the best part? You can sit at the cafe forever for as long as you want.

Patisseries, macaron boutiques, and chocolate shops to delight the senses.

OMG! There are countless macaron shops, chocolatiers and patisseries on any street and alleyway you can imagine. We never knew when were going to stumble upon the cutest sweet shop or chocolate boutique. Just amazing were the number of sweet shops we came across as we walked the streets of Paris.

Pierre Marcolini Chocolaterie on our way to dinner.


World famous Laduree macaron shop right opposite our hotel.


Which macaron to choose? They have over 30 flavors. Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Unete a Paris Macarons. Stumbled upon another macaron boutique on our way to the Louvre museum.


Laduree candle and tea shop.


Make your own tart shop? They have that too! At the Le Maurice Hotel


Came across tea and chocolate shop Meert on our walk back from Musee Picasso Paris.   Meert has been in business since 1761.


La Cure Gourmande. Came across a store dedicated to madeleines and shortbread cookies as we walked back from the Metro station to our hotel.


Maxim’s de Paris. A chocolate boutique in the mall outside the Louvre Museum.


Delectable desserts at Angelina since 1903. Stopped here for brunch on Rue de Rivoli.


Clothing Boutiques, perfume boutiques and plenty of shopping.

We saw so many perfume boutiques, artisinal soap and lotion boutiques and clothing shops that we never seemed to have enough time to check them all out.

Artisanal soaps to invigorate the senses.


Goutal Perfumery one Rue de Rivoli


Designer brands and off brand clothing for all the shopaholics.


Roses Costes on Rue de Honore. We even came across the most unique and charming florist called Roses Costes. This was eye-candy for a garden and flower lover.


Saw a couple of workers restoring a statue at the Tuileries Gardens as we were walking back from the Louvre Museum. They were actually using tooth brushes to clean off the dirt!

Walk, walk, walk.

To truly enjoy Paris and appreciate all that this amazing city has to offer – walk the streets. You never know what you will come across or discover.


Rather than keeping a check list of things to see and do, pick a museum to visit, then grab a leisurely lunch right after, and stroll the alleyways and streets nearby to discover something magical.


Whether it be for a couple days or for a week, Paris is best appreciated by walking, thus giving us the chance to feel, absorb, and inhale the sights, sounds, colors and architecture of this glorious city.


The Allure of Paris. Cafes, Patisseries, Boutiques, and Chocolatiers. 

9 thoughts on “The Allure of Paris. A Walking Tour of Cafes, Patisseries, Boutiques, and Chocolatiers”

  1. Hope summer’s been going well for you. I saw some of your recent posts, especially, the ones about your Paris trip – as always, I was spell bound by the photos and the descriptions. I agree with you that to enjoy the charm of Paris, one must explore by walking to understand it better (which is what we used to do when my brother used to live in the middle of the city). Your post made me remember those fun visits + made me eager to go again.

    As always, great posts on such a range of topics. You have such a gift of making the ordinary beautiful, and making the beautiful even more alluring.

    1. Thank you Roli. I am always touched by your kind words 😘. I am so happy this post brought back fond memories of your visit to Paris when your borher was living there.

      Hope we get a chance to meet up before the summer is over, these days summer holidays go by so fast. Have a wonderful summer and hope to see you soon.

  2. I really like that Paris is meant to be walked! I find that many European cities are built like that. It gives a completely different experience. Your photos makes me smell all the wonderful cents of Paris all over again. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Yes, I concur, Paris is amazing when explored on foot! You are right, Europe is a big walking culture and that makes it so engaging and enjoyable to experience. I am so glad you enjoyed the photos of Paris! Thank you as always for your lovely comment 😘🌹

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