Friday Flowers. Mint Blossoms

Oh how I love mint. I don’t know why I love this humble herb so much.  Is it the fresh scent that exudes from every leaf making me feel happy instantly?  Is it that it is so easy to grow that even a novice gardener can grow it? Or is it that it grows so easily and prolifically that if allowed it could take over any garden patch covering it in swaths of green. Or is it that whenever I am working in the garden and happen to rub against a mint leaf I get a whiff of sweet fragrance making me forget the cares of the world, if only for an instant. I love mint so much that I even wrote an ode to mint.  I just love mint.




Last year I had planted mint as a ground cover in my front garden where I have steps leading up to my front door. Yes, as a ground cover, My hope was that as people walked past mint and rubbed against it on their way up the pleasing scent would make them happy as they knocked on my door. On this cool September morning last week I pruned these mint plants as they had grown so much they were covering the pathway up.






I just couldn’t bring myself to throw all that mint I had just pruned and brought them indoors to make some arrangements.




I could have added a few flowers to these mint bouquets for an added pop of color, but on this day I wanted to give the quiet mint a chance to shine on her own, or is mint a he? With delicate pale blue flowers these sprigs of mint were looking beautiful in their own right.  Mint flowers are my Friday Flowers for this week.





Have a wonderful Friday and a relaxing weekend everybody.



6 thoughts on “Friday Flowers. Mint Blossoms”

  1. i, too, love mint! we planted mint as a ground cover in our yard and yes, it can take over very quickly. i also have some lavender, so i’ve snipped both to make centerpieces. both are fragrant and the color combo is wonderful. 🙂

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    1. What a lovely idea to combine lavender and mint together in an arrangement! I will have to try that next time. I’ve already snipped my lavender plants, but I will definitely keep your creative idea in mind. Thanks for stopping by Joji!


  2. Yesterday I wrote a blog post about my poor failure with… Mint! Now I see your post and I feel a complete disaster hahah! I really love mint too. You are right, the scent alone set you on a good mood!

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