Homemade Copycat Girls Scout Thin Mint Cookies

Are you like me and love thin mints?  Especially those delectable girls scout cookies?  I absolutely love those minty cookies!!  I wait all year to buy them from girls scouts who are usually selling them outside grocery stores.  Minty chocolate all enrobed around a crunchy cookie – these are so addicting and I love them so much that I can never stop at just one, or two or three! It’s a good thing I only buy them once a year 😀.  Now, I am in a quandary.  Because I’ve found the easiest recipe possible to make these thin mint cookies at home at anytime of the year!


Called Copycat Girls Scout Thin Mints, this recipe came in my inbox from chef and foodie blogger Averiecooks.com.  She describes these cookies as a clone of the original and you know what? When I made these and left them out for the kids to try, they were blown away and commented on how delicious and just like the original these cookies tasted!!!


What’s even better is how EASY these are to make! I don’t put the word easy in caps normally, but these are EASY!!  Just melt chocolate until smooth and creamy, then add peppermint extract, and dip the cookie in the chocolate. Voila! You get a delicious thin mint cookie that tastes like the real thing.  What’s the “secret” cookie you wonder?  It’s a ritz cracker!!  Give it a try folks!





Homemade Thin Mint Cookies. Copycat Girls Scout Thin Mints on Averiecooks.com

13 thoughts on “Homemade Copycat Girls Scout Thin Mint Cookies”

  1. My peppermint extract contains water. Does it not cause the melted chocolate to seize up when you add it in? I usually have this problem with liquid stevia extract when I try to make sugar free chocolate.

    1. Hi Sreedevi,, my peppermint extract has water in it too but its such a small amount that it doesn’t alter the chocolate. My tiny bottle is very concentrated I only used 1 tsp at most and it was fine. I think I bought it from Surla Table.

  2. A Ritz! How wonderful, only you are right, these are far too easy. My father adored thin mints, and he kept a stash in a little cupboard next to his recliner chair, hidden away. He didn’t realize we all knew where they were kept, and we were careful to only remove a couple at a time…

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