Ginger Orange Mocktail

I was sitting enjoying a salad and a sandwich up in my veggie patch on a hot sweltering summer morning last week when I saw her appear, with these beautiful cold drinks. I tell you folks, to sip a cold drink on a hot balmy morning, that mocktail tasted like ambrosia!!  This ginger orange mocktail was created by my daughter Anjali for a brunch time treat on my birthday last week. The mocktail was refreshing, fizzy and tangy and on a hot summer day a cold drink like this one really hit the spot!





With just three ingredients and ice this mocktail is sophisticated enough to make one think that it came from a bartender’s recipe.  The best part is how simple it is to whip this up.  For the drink to taste outstanding you really want top of the line ingredients such as fresh squeezed orange juice and really good strong fizzy ginger beer – though the name has beer in it, it really is non- alcoholic.  We like Fevertree brand ginger beer as it has a strong ginger flavor with bits of fresh ginger. Then the rest is as easy as it gets.



Ginger Orange Mocktail


  • Chilled Ginger beer preferably Fevertree brand
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Ice


  • In a tall glass fill with half orange juice.
  • Then pour the ginger beer.  Fill the glass till 3/4th full with space left for ice.
  • Stir and then top with plenty of ice.  Add mint leaves for garnish.
  • Serve right away.



“Happiness is … a cold drink on a hot day.”
Author unknown

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