Wind Chimes in Vadodara, India

India is an amalgamation of small alleys, streets and markets intertwined with large malls and shopping centers. If you ask me what I prefer it will always be the small alleys and streets and the mom and pop shops that line them. This tiny wind chime shop was one such find during my visit to Vadodara in the western state of Gujarat in India back in early December.

In a rush but had to make a quick stop at this charming wind chime stall

I wish I had taken pictures of the small alleys and streets we walked past to get to our tailor’s shop where I was getting sari blouses stitched. On the way I spotted this charming wind chime store.

Priya my guide and my daughter’s future mom-in-law assured me we could stop by on our way back. So many wind chimes to chose from and so little time.! I really wanted spend more time here, but was in a time crunch.

I bought two chimes in a matter of five minutes but so much more caught my eye!

Colorful, beautiful hand painted chimes in Vadodara, India

This is the one I bought for myself and a friend!

Hope you enjoyed this look at handmade curios and chimes in Vadodara. There is something organic and unique in a handmade item, and in many places like Varodara these artisans keeps age old crafts alive.

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  1. Wind Chimes …that RIngs a Bell. I bought a Beautiful Wind Chime from a Tibetan Shop on Janpath in New Delhi way back in the Spring of 2000. It is I love the musical sound of the Wind Chime when it sways back and forth with the Cool Breeze in my Balcony.

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