Friday Flowers. Garlands and Flowers in Vadodara, Gujarat. India

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week and are ready for the weekend. Today I am beyond thrilled to be sharing these beautiful pictures of flowers from my visit to Vadodara, India.

Flowers in vibrant colors

Indians sure do love color and that is so obvious in their flowers too. Vibrant marigolds, decadent roses, even their giant white jasmines seem to glow with heady color and fragrance.

Roadside flower show

These pictures are from a roadside flower corner in Vadodara, India when I visited a few weeks ago back in early December.

Impromptu stop and an intoxicating floral scene

The objective of this impromptu stop was for my future in-law Priya and I to pick up a garland that my daughter (and Priya’s future daughter-in-law) could place in her hair for a reception that evening.

While Priya was picking and choosing flowers for the garland, I was happily taking pictures of the beautiful floral scene in front of me.

The beauty of age lines

Can i just mention that sometimes it takes a scene like this- a woman surrounded by flowers and in her own world – Life, joy, sorrow, and years of experience all displayed in lovely age lines on her no-makeup face.

There is something truly sublime on a face like this. The beauty in this scene is undeniable.

Happy Shankranthi to those of you celebrating the Indian Harvest Festival!

Wishing you a beautiful and colorful weekend.

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