Friday Flowers. Freesias in Bloom

Hello and happy Friday! Toady I’d like to share these glorious pictures of freesias in bloom in my garden.

This year my freesias have been kinda iffy. I usually get over the top bonanza of blooms, so many in fact that I give away freesia bouquets to friends, neighbors, teachers, and even have extra for passerby’s in my neighborhood.

But this year with our crazy yo-yo of weather where it’s been cold then warm, cold then warm, the freesia bounty has been good just not as stellar as usual. I still got tons of blooms! Just not what I’m used to. Still though I had enough blooms to make a few bouquets. Here is a look at freesias in bloom in the garden and freesia bouquets.

Freesias in the garden

Freesia bouquets

Wishing you a colorful weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday Flowers. Freesias in Bloom”

  1. Oh such beauty!!!! Thank you for sharing this feast for the eyes!!😍 Love freesias and have a few in my garden as well – ones we planted a few years back.🥰. Enjoy the rest of the blooms!

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