The Rodin Museum in Paris, France

The Rodin Museum in Paris, France is a small intimate museum and sculpture garden with a wonderful display of Rodin’s sculpture pieces.

An impressive collection of Rodin’s sculptures

The museum is located inside the studio Rodin once used to make all his sculptures.

Here you’ll find an array of sculptures displayed all through out the gorgeous rooms of this majestic building.

Rodin’s sculptures are so impressive! To show such detailed human emotion and form in stone and ceramic – these are well deserved the designation of masterpieces!!

Rodin’s sculptures are so realistic that one sculpture created controversy

Rodin had been commissioned by the Paris artistic society to create a sculpture of a boy for an art exhibition. For this sculpture Rodin used a real boy as his model rather than previous times when he created sculptures from images.

The sculpture of the boy was so realistic that when it was displayed at the exhibition rumors started spreading that he just covered a real boy with ceramic! The sculpture was that real looking! This upset Rodin so much that he is recorded as commenting …

“It disgusts me and upsets me to know that people would actually think that I would cover a real boy and take his life to create a realistic sculpture of a person.” Rodin

Rodin the ever controversial master artist

Rodin is known to take biblical themes and create sculptures in such a way that they depict sex, sin and glutenous joy with reckless abandon.

Rodin even took liberties to change mythological stories such as this sculpture of Icarus

Icarus is a God who in Greek mythology flew too close to the Sun and perished. But Rodin decided to depict Icarus as a woman in his rendition of the famous story.

The sculpture garden

The sculpture garden at the Rodin Museum is the most popular among visitors. Here Rodin’s sculptures are strewn across the garden encouraging visitors to stroll and explore one sculpture to another all surrounded by nature.

Some sculptures are strategically placed to elicit curiosity

Rodin’s famed The Thinker

Rodin’s depiction of Dante’s Inferno and the gates of hell

In the sculpture garden is where you will also find Rodin’s sculpture depicting Dante’s Inferno and the gates of hell.

The poem in Dante’s Inferno which is also know as The Divine Comedy describes the poet’s journey into hell eventually arriving at the center where Satan himself resides. Rodin depicted this scene in a massive sculpture with the gates of hell and the nine circles and Satan at the center.

This sculpture is so impressive!

The details are mind blowing. There are a few benches right in front of the sculpture so you can sit and admire this beautiful sculpture and its grandeur.

A wonderful off the beaten path museum

The Rodin Museum is a wonderful off the beaten path museum especially if you want a close up look at amazing sculptures. The garden and museum were a pleasure to explore, and with little crowds it was one of the more pleasant museum experiences in Paris.

Rodin Museum. Paris, France

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