Dior La Galerie Museum in Paris, France

The Dior Museum called the Dior La Galerie in Paris, France is the most beautiful museum I’ve ever seen! A sensory treat for the eyes. As a woman I especially appreciated that this museum is an ode to the female form 👗.

The start of this magical tour

“My childhood home was roughcast in a very soft pink mixed with grey gravel, and these two colors have remained my favourite colours in couture.” Christian Dior

“The coutiriers have such a beautiful role to play. They are the last possesors of the wand of Cinderella’s fairy Godmother.”

Les Jardins Enchantes. The Enchanted Gardens

“I drew flowerlike women. Shoulders rounded, buds in full bloom, waists as thin as vines, and skirts as wide as corollas.” Christian Dior

At Dior the garden has always served as a common thread between eras, territories, places of creation and expression.

Dior’s passion for flowers began at his childhood home in Normandy, France. Here Dior marveled at the changing garden by the sea. As a couterier Dior continued to get inspiration from nature, creating with his first collection “Femme-fleur” – “Flower-Like Woman.”

The Enchanted Garden

Christian Dior’s appreciation for nature and the garden played a huge role in all the clothes he designed. Dior’s lucky flower was the Lily of the Valley which he made into his house symbol.

An emphasise on feminine curves is born in 1947

In 1947 Dior introduced the Bar Suit with a nipped waist, sloping shoulders and flared skirts. The Dior style was born and his aspiration of highlighting feminine curves was born.

Miss Dior. The birth of ready-to-wear clothing

In 1967 Dior introduced their first ready-to-wear collection. A new collection that perpetuated Dior’s ambition to dress all women.

Sketches and forms

Parisian fashion in the 70s

The Dior Ball

“People may be irritated by their ostentatious look, but if these balls can give back a sense of popular enjoyment, then they are necessary, desirable and important.” Christion Dior

The Dior Ball Room was out of this world!

The gowns, the setting, the ambiance it was ll magical! People were just sitting in this ball room and looking at the gowns in awe.

Dior Galerie a magical experience of gowns, dresses and fashion history

If you are a fashion enthusiast, or appreciate clothing of any style, this off the beaten path museum – The Dior Galerie is a gorgeous museum to visit!

Dior Galerie

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  1. Hi Kalpana, beautiful 😍. I’m sure you wish Rani was there with you as a fashion enthusiast. Thanks for taking us along the journey with you! Best, Stella

    1. Thanks Joji. Even I was surprised what a beautiful museum Dior Gallerie was. Defnitely a find as I stumbled upon it walking by the Dior store and saw a line in front of another Dior building. Asked the security guard and he said its the Dior museum.

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