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First Spring Rose

Happy Easter!

It’s Easter Sunday and though it’s not our typical Easter celebration, we do have much to be thankful for.  Our world is coming together against a common enemy, the corona virus.  When was the lat time the entire world stood together in solidarity?  In the true meaning of Easter, let us celebrate the arrival of Spring’s hope and the victory of good over sin.

The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.”
–Katie McGahan Continue reading First Spring Rose

Camellia Blossoms in the Garden

Good Friday to you all.  Today I would like to share pictures of a gorgeous camellia tree blooming in my garden.  I only have one camellia bush, it came with the house and though I’ve moved it a couple of times it always survived and rewards me with sublime pale pink and dark prink striped blooms. These blooms are so pretty that every year I admire their beauty.   Such beauty comes at a price though as these blossoms are so heavy that it be rain or shine, they droop on the bush; making it hard to appreciate these lovely blossoms. Continue reading Camellia Blossoms in the Garden

Freesias for Friends. Curbside Pickup

Good Friday to you all.  We have made it past week 2 of Stay at Home!  If the statistics modeling in other countries are correct, this is the way to flatten the curve and get back on track to living our lives. Let’s stay on course and get this C thing under control!  The only way our sacrifices will work is if we ALL do this together. So please, Stay at Home and don’t be tempted to meet with friends and family – we will have many joyous moments to do this later once we are out of the woods.  And believe me, I expect we will have more invitations for dinners, gatherings, and celebrations than we ever did before!!!  So please lets follow Social Distancing. We are in this together. Continue reading Freesias for Friends. Curbside Pickup

Rose and Ginger Cupcakes

It was a gorgeous sunny day with blue skies and puffs of white clouds last week Thursday.  On that morning I had already gone on my walk, already spent time in my garden, and already prepared lunch for the family, and still had time on my hands, so I decided to bake.  With such a beautiful day in front of me, a spring inspired cupcake seemed very appealing.

Continue reading Rose and Ginger Cupcakes

Pink. The color of universal love of oneself and of others.

Good Friday to you all.  It looks like we’ve made it past week one of our “Stay at Home” mandates.   Things went pretty smoothly around here.  Even the chaos at the grocery stores have calmed down.  I went walking yesterday and saw more than the usual number of people walking and getting fresh air, all within the guidelines of “social distancing.”  Basically, people are being respectful of the guidelines set forth to help us all through these trying times.  It’s very reassuring to see. Continue reading Pink. The color of universal love of oneself and of others.

Solace and Serenity found in the Garden

It’s been a roller coaster of a weekend these past few days. Needless to say.  With so much uncertainty and new information coming our way on an hourly, almost minute by minute basis on the COVID-19 virus – it all seems so overwhelming and hard to comprehend at times.  I know all the extreme measures taken such as social distancing, school closures, restaurant and retail closures, and almost everything closing down for the next few weeks are all in an effort to keep us healthy and well, and my head understands the science and statistics behind it, but the heart makes me feel all-unnerving nonetheless.  All I wanted to do with all this happening is find comfort in my garden, but wouldn’t you know it, our weather decided to start raining out of the blue!  A whole month of dry sunny gorgeous weather and just when we are craving sunshine to cheer us up just a little, we got cloudy skies and lots of rain this past weekend. Continue reading Solace and Serenity found in the Garden

Freesias for Friends. My 2020 Freesia Season is Here!

Happy Friday!

With all the warm weather we’ve been having the last few weeks my freesia bulbs have burst into bloom. I have hundreds of freesias that I planted over the years and each year in early spring they predictably put on a spectacular show. I get so many blooms that I cut generously and distribute to teachers, friends and neighbors.  Today I would like to share photos of glorious freesias in bloom in my garden and in bouquets. Continue reading Freesias for Friends. My 2020 Freesia Season is Here!

Friday Flowers. Daffodil Daydreams at Filoli Gardens

Happy Friday!

How was your week? Ready for a relaxing weekend? For us this week our temperatures have been unseasonably warm – we are talking temperatures in the 70s and even low 80s!! I think we even broke a few records 🤔.  Our spring bulbs are thinking its spring already and have started blooming all over town.  In fact, at Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California their annual Daffodil Daydreams show is in full bloom.  I knew if I wanted to see these gorgeous daffs I’d have to go right away, because with the warm weather we are having I was sure the blooms were going to dwindle soon.  And so began a rather quick and unexpected trip to Filoli Gardens this week. What a spectacular show these daffodils put on!  Continue reading Friday Flowers. Daffodil Daydreams at Filoli Gardens