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Mums and Mums at Valley Forge Flowers

I do so love mums and I especially love them in the Fall. Their jewel tone flowers perks up any patio, corner, or indoor countertop. There’s a festive air in the fall when mums are on display. This is what I experienced at Valley Forge Florists when I visited my sister in Philadelphia. A decadent display of mums in fall colors.

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Friday Flowers. Fall in the Garden

Hello and Happy Friday! I know it’s been a while since I shared pics of my garden. Not because its not blooming away, contrary to that its actually looking great. I’ve just been lazy about taking photos and instead been enjoying the nature show. Finally the last couple weeks I decided to take a few luscious pics and so here you go folks, today’s Friday Flowers.

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Friday Flowers. Windy Day Bouquet to Show Off a Treasured Ornament

Hello and Happy Friday! Around here this week has been cool and windy. Cool with temps in the 60s and 70s and very windy – almost fall like weather. After one of our big wind storms this week I walked around my garden to cleanup a bit and found this beautiful branch. The branch was my inspiration for this windy day bouquet, to show off a beautiful ornament that I picked up from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a long while ago.

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Friday Flowers. Beautiful California

Happy Friday folks!! Its days like the past few weeks that make me grateful to be living in beautiful California. We’ve had temps in the mild 60s, 70s, low 80s, crisp blue skies with puffs of white clouds, sunny, cool Pacific ocean breeze, COVID is under control, family is good, and my garden is happy. What more could a gal ask for? Speaking of gardens, today I’d love to share with you pics of my garden in bloom in June. Happy weekend everyone and Happy June!

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Mother’s Day Flowers

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope you treated your Mom to a special day yesterday. My Sunday was relaxing and chill. After delivering homemade bouquets to all my friends few days earlier, I received lots of flowers in return. For a flower gal like me, Mother’s Day flowers are the best 💐💐😀. I was also treated to brunch and dinner made by my girls. A delicious creamy polenta baked with spring veggies for brunch, veggie stir fried rice for dinner, and a sweet blueberry cake for dessert. All in all it was a perfect Mother’s Day 💕.

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