An Italian Inspired Dinner with Friends

Looking for a fun dinner evening for the whole family to be part of and maybe even a few friends too?  Try making homemade fresh pasta.


A fun evening with friends and family

It’s a great dinner project that everyone will enjoy. Its a fun and unique way to spend time with family and friends, and cook together. Never ever did we think we could make pasta at home and that too have it be so easy!

Our friends Dave and Rose went on holiday to Italy last fall to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary where one of their stops was Tuscany. They came back with some fun stories to share.


In Tuscany, at the Inn they were staying at, Dave and Rose took a cooking class under the supervision of a young Tuscan chef.


At this private cooking class Dave and Rose learnt how to make fresh pasta, tiramisu, and ragù.

For the love of fresh pasta

I’ve always liked fresh pasta, it has a taste onto it’s own, but I never thought of making it at home. I assumed it was complicated. In fact, the kids love fresh pasta so much that they have been bugging me for years to buy a pasta maker. But I have resisted – yet another gadget in the kitchen to find counter space or cabinet space for? No thank you!

So when Rose told me she took this cooking class in Italy and learnt how to make fresh homemade pasta, I got interested. My first question to her was: “Is it complicated?”  

Rose assured me that it was the easiest thing to make and didn’t require any special equipment either. I thought this would be a great opportunity for the kids to learn how to make pasta at home.  Rose Aunty could teach them and that too without the need for gadgets!


And Italian inspired dinner with homemade pasta

We planned an Italian inspired menu for an evening dinner with fresh pasta as the star of the meal and I invited Rose and Dave to come over and show us how to make homemade pasta, tiramisu, and ragù.


 Italian Inspired Homemade Pasta Dinner Menu:
Cheese and crackers
Second Course
Spring Greens Salad with Pears Walnuts and Gorgonzola
Savory Scones
Dave’s Amuse Bouche
Main Course
Fresh Homemade Tagliatelle Pasta
with Homemade Vegetarian Ragu
Fresh Homemade Tiramisu

Folks, this is a relaxing take your time type of evening

This requires that you relax and enjoy the pasta making process and just get the whole family, kids and friends involved. The pasta took about an hour to make but that time went by in the blink of an eye.


We were having so much fun chatting and making food together that it just became a relaxed social affaire.


I encourage you to try this fun fresh homemade pasta making dinner with your family and a few of your friends.  It’s a great way to make dinner and have a wonderful time together.


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  1. Sounds/looks like a great evening cooking together with friends to practice new recipes! And what a great idea for a birthday party!

  2. I agree – making fresh pasta is one of the easiest and fun things to do in the kitchen! So thrilled to see Rani, Anjali and friends make the pasta as part of the birthday dinner menu and activity! Fun pics!! Looking forward to seeing the menu and the recipes! Buongiorno!!😊

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