Giant Zucchini – Year Two!

Received another giant zucchini from our friends Karen and Aaron’s garden this year. Somehow in Karen and Aaron’s garden they consistently grow GIANT zucchinis.  Seriously what is their secret? Unbelievable!


This year’s homegrown zucchini from our friends was just as big as last year’s crop  – over 1 1/2 feet in length! I had Rani hold it so you could see how huge this zucchini was.


Last Year’s Homegrown Zucchini Presents from Karen and Aaron.

Last year I made 50 zucchini tofu fritters  and zucchini soup  from the huge squash.


This time I decided to make an Indian curry with a third of the giant squash.


We also made a zucchini teacake.


With the remainder of the squash I made a zucchini orzo soup, a recipe I found on blog/web site  For a decliciously light yet filling zucchini and orzo soup check out this link on Minestrone Soup with Orzo and Zucchini



What is pretty amazing with this huge zucchini is how tender and sweet it was – skin, flesh, seeds and all.

🍆🍅🌶 Happy Vegetable Gardening  🍆🍅🌶
May you grow giant vegetables as delicious as Karen’s zucchini!

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