When my daughter Sri went to Bangalore, India to attend her friend’s wedding recently she asked me what I wanted from there, “Mom, what can I get you from India? Do you want a sari? An Indian outfit?” I told Sri all I wanted were some bangles. Really pretty bangles.

Street Markets. The best place for bangles

Before heading out to the wedding Sri got a couple of shopping tips from our cousins Uma and Janani who both lived in Bangalore for many years, and they informed her that the best place to get bangles was to simply drive by Commercial Street where she would find street vendors selling bangles of all kinds. A little dubious about if this was the smartest place to get quality bangles Sri took their suggestions anyway and stopped by Commercial Street. Here she picked up the most gorgeous bangles ever!

IMG_3777 (1)

Sri made sure her Mom and her twin sisters all got our share of beautiful bangles. She even had a few rupees leftover to get a few for herself.


Gorgeous bangles in decadent colors

These bangles are so gorgeous and so affordable that I asked her why she didn’t buy more? To which her response was “Mom, I would have bought more but I didn’t go prepared. I was frazzled, I was buying for 4 women in different sizes and colors. I was getting hot and bothered. And I ran out of rupees! I should have negotiated better. I should have converted more money too, street vendors don’t accept credit cards.”  I think it’s time to introduce the Square to these street vendors haha.

If you love rich vibrant colors, here are a few pics of bangles, bangles, and more bangles that Sri picked up from Bangalore, India.

Bangles for me 😊.  Burgundy, Orange and Hot Pink


Can’t wait to wear my new bangles!

I wanted to wear my bangles right away, so when I went recently to my cousin’s home for a lunch celebration I chose to wear a sari to match my new bangles!  The sari I dug up was one I haven’t worn in over 28 years. The last time I wore this white and orange sari was when my Dad announced Hitesh and my engagement at my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary dinner in Bossier City, Louisiana. These gorgeous bangles had me dig up that heirloom sari.

IMG_3503 (3)

Bangles for the twins – for Anjali.  Purple, Pink & Blue


Bangles for the twins – for Rani.  Green, Red, & Blue


Bangles for Sri. Yellow, Purple, Green, and Orange


A special thank you to Sri for picking up these gorgeous bangles for all of us!


a poem by Nishu Mathur

Ornaments that delight, even in their simplicity subtly ornate,
Circles of rainbows in colors of life, flamboyant or hues subdued,
Creations in glass, a pistachio green, cotton candy pink, in  myriad shades.
Clinking bangles in mulberry purple, majestic red or peacock blue.

In exclusive platinum or sparkling silver or a glimmering metallic gold,
Bridal jewels with gems, in exquisite work and beauty fair,
Precious symbols of love, an inheritance of priceless moulds,
Jingling bangles worn with pride and delicate care.

Colors and styles that often would a woman define,
An expression of marital ties, perhaps a mood or style she’d state,
Each bangle in perfect circular symmetry designed,
A reason beautiful enough to celebrate.

As wrists laden with bangles move to the beats of the drum,
Bedecked in festive finery in tune with traditional occasions,
Songs of life sung, hymns to God or the notes of rustic folklore,
One can hear the music of bangles in life’s little celebrations.


15 thoughts on “Bangles”

  1. Wow! Bangles …. a post right after my heart ! may i share a poem by Sarojini Naidu – The Bangle Sellers

    Bangle sellers are we who bear
    Our shining loads to the temple fair…
    Who will buy these delicate, bright
    Rainbow-tinted circles of light?
    Lustrous tokens of radiant lives,
    For happy daughters and happy wives.

    Some are meet for a maiden’s wrist,
    Silver and blue as the mountain mist,
    Some are flushed like the buds that dream
    On the tranquil brow of a woodland stream,
    Some are aglow wth the bloom that cleaves
    To the limpid glory of new born leaves

    Some are like fields of sunlit corn,
    Meet for a bride on her bridal morn,
    Some, like the flame of her marriage fire,
    Or, rich with the hue of her heart’s desire,
    Tinkling, luminous, tender, and clear,
    Like her bridal laughter and bridal tear.

    Some are purple and gold flecked grey
    For she who has journeyed through life midway,
    Whose hands have cherished, whose love has blest,
    And cradled fair sons on her faithful breast,
    And serves her household in fruitful pride,
    And worships the gods at her husband’s side.

    Dolly the essence captured in this poem is Bangles – the Design, the Style , the Colors etc all change with the changing status in a Woman’s Life … with Age and Time … the bangles are my favorite accessories …

    I bought all my Bangles in Jaipur …

  2. Well done indeed Sri baby👏 Exquisite bangles. You have fine taste. Love them all. The royal blue in Rani’s collection caught my eye. All so beautiful. Such femininity❤️

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