A Company Sales Meeting in Half Moon Bay, California

Living here in Northern California surrounded by so much natural beauty I feel frequently we do take it all for granted. It’s always here, we can go any time, so what’s the rush? But really life takes over and making that trip to the gorgeous beaches or that beautiful fishing village or hiking on those lovely trails very often takes a back seat. Sometimes it is something as simple as my daughter Sri heading off for a company off-site at one of our local beach town venues Half Moon Bay to wake me up from my “taking all this for granted” attitude. 


It took Sri sending me text messages with pictures from Half Moon Bay to make me realize once again how blessed we are to be living with such gorgeous natural beauty around us. After seeing her pictures I promptly scheduled a hiking trip with the family – life obligations or not.  It was time to “Stop and smell the ocean and the trails.

Here is a sampling of the photos Sri sent from her recent.

Day 1: Welcome Day and 4-mile hike in Half Moon Bay.




Day 2: Lunch break at the Pier and docks.




Day 3:  Went for a jog at sunset after a long day of presentations.




Day 4: Relaxing after a successful sales kick-off meeting.



A gorgeous sunset ending.





Day 5. Check out day and a short group hike before driving home.  Sri’s text to me.

“Mom,  I was driving on highway 1.”

“They had like a little parking lot you could pull into.”

“So I stopped.”

“Look. Sooooo pretty.”

“And then the weather obviously just made it better.”



My text back  “AMAZING!”

Sri:  “Yeah I definitely agree haha.”

“I took tons of pictures of everything all week.”

“I think I might paint the one from today.”


Sri’s work in progress painting


Half Moon Bay, California.
One charming oceanside village.


9 thoughts on “A Company Sales Meeting in Half Moon Bay, California”

    1. You should go. We like going to Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz as the arent too far from the South Bay. I hope this post inspires you to make a drive to Half Moon Bay soon 😊

      1. My last trip to Half Moon Bay was somewhat saddening. It is not what it used to be. I am more accustomed to Los Gatos because I see it often, but it is more shocking to see places that I do not go to as often.

  1. Wow! Beautiful pictures. Wish we had the company meetings like this!

    But like Sri said they have worked hard and deserved this meeting(vacation!). Great job Sri.

    Thanks for sharing Kalpana.

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