Hey Gorgeous. You are a Beautiful Breakfast Bowl!

This yogurt breakfast bowl looked positively amazing!  So many vibrant colors – red, white and blue,  nutty granola, peanut butter, juicy berries, honey, and even edible flowers were in this bowl. Its the perfect cool breakfast on a hot summer day.

About the recipe

Rani made this amazingly gorgeous breakfast bowl one Sunday morning and all of us gave her this look of “Excuse me, where is our gorgeous breakfast bowl?”  


I remember when Rani was making this bowl she was asking me “Where is the granola? Do we have Greek yogurt?” And even the question “Mom, what edible flowers from our garden can I pick?”  I gave her my anwers without really paying attention. Little did I know what beautiful creation was in the works!


When I asked Rani where she found this lovely recipe she pointed me to this link  Peanut butter acai bowl on half baked harvest.com.  Yes, the recipe uses peanut butter but when Rani made this acai bowl we were out of peanut butter and I didn’t have any acai either, so I asked her to improvise, I told her to use chia seeds instead. So for you folks who have nut alleriges you can still make this dish.


Funnily the opening line for this recipe reads “If only all food could be this pretty.”   Ain’t that the truth!  This is the photo that inspired Rani’s creation. Now you can see why she got excited to make this beautiful dish.


For a cool breakfast on a hot summer day give this breakfast bowl a try!  Packed with good for you fruit, nuts, superseeds, granola, yogurt, and so much more. And if you want to get in the July 4th mood, go ahead and use edible blue lavender flowers and blueberries, red summer strawberries and raspberries, and of course white Greek yogurt to create an Independence Day breakfast bowl that will taste outstanding.

Hey Gorgeous – You are a beautiful breakfast bowl!


 Peanut butter acai bowl on half baked harvest.com

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  1. I like Rani’s Bowl more then the original recipe. I think she did amazing job on the breakfast and the flower was a great addition to it!

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