Upma, Raita and Soup. Lunch with a Friend

Happy Tuesday!

It’s looking like fall around here; temperatures are cooler, leaves are falling, and it’s getting darker earlier in the evenings.  This type of weather always gets me in a contemplative mood.  It’s times like these when allthough I want to socialize and meet friends, I really want to keep it low-key – you know what I mean?  This is the mood I was in when I had a friend over for a simple fall lunch one Friday afternoon recently.  Not two friends, not three, but just one.  It’s nice once in a while to have a quiet lunch with a friend, it gives us a chance to catch up one/one with each other and relax over comfort food and conversation.


IMG_7282 2



Since it was just the two of us, I decided to keep our lunch very simple.  I made only two items for us – a vegetable upma (veggies cooked with semolina) & yogurt raita, and my friend brought a butternut squash and lentil soup. For dessert I served a fresh fruit bowl with dates and little jam bars. And since no lunch is complete in my home without a steaming cup of chai, we had that too ☕️.  This very humble menu was our lunch for the two of us.  Seriously though, what more can two ladies have for lunch? This was plenty, believe me! Delicious, healthy, and comforting. The best part of this menu is that everything can be made in advance and easily warmed up when guests arrive.

Upma, Raita and Soup. A Menu Worth Replicating

Butternut squash soup
Vegetable upma
Yogurt raita
Fresh fruit, and jam bars






For healthy goodness loaded with veggies, fruits and grains that tastes great too, give this simple vegetarian menu a try!

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