Foraged Flora Pumpkin Decorating with Friends

Happy Sunday! 

Today I would love to share with you a fabulous fall garden project that uses foraged flora and natural garden elements.

Are you looking for a creative way to decorate your pumpkins this season? Try this foraged flora pumpkin project that everyone can be a part off. All you need is glue and foraged flora and you can make the most beautiful decorated pumpkin that I promise will look like you purchased it from a high-end florist!

No carving kit or knives

No pumpkin carving kit or knives are required with this pumpkin decorating. Just walk around your garden or go for a walk in your neighborhood and pick up twigs, seeds, acorns, and dried leaves, anything that catches your eye.  Have succulents that you are looking to prune? Use those clippings too. Have dried fruits or nuts? Use those too.

How I stumbled upon this project

When our power went out last week I dropped the twins off at my friend Rose’s home so they could get their schoolwork done when I noticed this beautifully decorated pumpkin on her dining table. This very cool pumpkin decorating idea is from a workshop that Rose attended and she couldn’t wait to share her newfound knowledge.

There were a bunch of us from the neighborhood who needed a break from being home with no electricity and Rose in her typical hospitable self invited us “Power Outage Friends” to come on over to her place for lunch and decorate pumpkins! And as usual she had a scrumptious spread waiting for us – Quiche, salad, bagels, berries, jam bars, Greek yogurt and granola 😋.

A therapeutic project

On a gorgeous fall day with sunny skies and cool temperatures, decorating pumpkins with natural elements was the most therapeutic project we could have worked on.  An hour or two of us friends working outside in nature to make something beautiful, what a wonderful way to get a break from all the chores of the day.

Foraged Flora for Pumpkins

Before you start on the project there are a few materials you need. Pumpkins of course! A glue gun or Elmer’s Glue. And foraged flora.  Here is a look at the foraged flora I picked up from walking around my garden.

Pick your Pumpkins

Look at these beautiful pumpkins that we brought for the decorating!  Each one is so unique and gorgeous!

Decorate the Pumpkins with Foraged Flora

Our friend Deb who was our “instructor” guided us along.  She explained that you want to start off with something tall at the center of the pumpkin with a base of Spanish moss or some type of grassy moss cascading down the pumpkin.  These items get glued onto the pumpkin first with spray glue or a glue gun.

Once the tall centerpiece and moss are glued on, the rest is up to your imagination. Start building around it by adding seedpods, acorns, succulents, clippings and twigs. All these get glued onto the pumpkin as you start creating your own foraged flora masterpiece.

Our Final Product!

Here is a look at how our foraged flora pumpkins turned out.  Each one as unique and different as the friends who were there.😘😃🎃

Shelley’s gorgeous green pumpkin.

Rose’s darling little pumpkin

Donna’s pumpkin.

My orange and white pumpkins.

Foraged Flora Pumpkin Decorating with Friends!

Showoff your beautifully decorated pumpkins

To keep the decorations fresh just spritz them with water every couple of days preferably using a spray bottle. Your pumpkin and the foraged flora will stay fresh for two to three months!

Nature, Friends and Family

For a stress free afternoon surrounded by nature, friends and family, go ahead and invite a friend or two and decorate pumpkins with foraged flora this fall. You’ll get a florist-style pumpkin centerpiece that will wow your guests for Thanksgiving and beyond!

Happy Pumpkin Season!
Have a great week ahead!

12 thoughts on “Foraged Flora Pumpkin Decorating with Friends”

  1. Such a fun project – the more participants, the better! So glad we could make it happen and love reading your write up about it with the photos. Happy pumpkin decorating, everyone!🎃

  2. Dolly , you never cease to amaze me … Love the Pumpkin Decorating Project with Flora… PL see my Jack O Lantern i painted in my Color me Mine painting Escapades… I place a lit lamp inside this Pumpkin and grandkids love it

      1. Dolly it is not a real pumpkin but a Pumpkin pottery and we can use it year after year and I always place it at my front door foyer every Thanksgiving

  3. Wow . All the 4 Look awesome, what a creative idea without the carving mess. Thanks for sharing Dolly. I have a white pumpkin that Kavni just painted on (became lazy of carving) she can still do this if she is upto it. Will show her. Thanks!

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