Navratri, Philly, New Jersey, New York – Fall 2021

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Good? Ready for the week ahead? This week I wanted to share with you pictures from our Navratri celebrations and dinners, and pics from my trip to the gardens in Philly. lunch in New Jersey, and the day in New York City.

Our Indian festival season started in early October and people are slowly and cautiously meeting up to celebrate. The nine night festival of Navratri was two weeks ago in October. We got to celebrate it modestly this year with just the family, still festive and colorful and fun.

Visited Sis in Philadelphia

Then last week I went to Philadelphia to visit my sister. It was a quick visit, just three days but boy did we pack in a ton of fun stuff around town.

On the evening we arrived we hung out with our spouses and spent a lovely evening in her garden with wine and a warm bowl of wild rice and mushroom butternut squash soup.

The next day my sister and I did some fabulous antique shopping . I love antique shopping in Philly! I’ve always found the most beautiful pieces at affordable prices here.

We spent the following two days visiting two spectacular gardens. Chanticleer Gardens and Longwood Gardens were both brimming with fall color and flowers. Such a wonderful sight in later October.

I also got to meet the new member of the family their adorable dog Harley! Is he the cutest or what!

My brother-in-law and I even snuck in an early morning mani/pedi! With perfectly manicured nails the four of us headed to local hot restaurant Suraya for dinner. Folks this was a fantastic dinner experience. The food, the ambiance, the wait staff were all outstanding. Highly recommend you check it out when in Philly!

Lunch with my Aunty in New Jersey

After three days in Philly my sister and I visited my Aunt in New Jersey and had a scrumptious meal prepared by her. We hung out and just caught up on our lives.

Spent the day in New York City with Hitesh

From NewJersey I met up with Hitesh for a day in New York city after which we both flew back to the Bay Area. It was a quick East Coast trip yet relaxing and fun.

Early Diwali Dinner at Vijay and Priya’s

The Indian festival of Diwali is this week, and we got to celebrate an early family dinner last weekend at Vijay and Priya’s home. A fun evening with lots of food was on the agenda on this evening.

Diwali in the Garden

And we are hosting a larger Diwali celebration for all our fully vaccinated friends and family this upcoming Sunday. I’m calling it Diwali in the Garden. I can’t wait to see all our dear friends after so long! I’ve rented a bunch of patio heaters as its going to be chilly in the 50s. There will be lots of food, laughter and sparklers too. I look forward to sharing those pics next week.

Have a fabulous week everyone!

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  1. Wow ! Thanks for sharing your trip to East Coast . Uma’s dinner Table reflects her Expertise in Culinary Skills. Enjoyed seeing images of Kavni and Bama manni’s grand daughters ..,( cannot recall names readily)
    Happy Deewali

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