Walking Los Alamitos Creek Trail to Almaden Lake and Back

Hello and happy Friday! Hope you had a great spring week. Today I’d like to share these photos from a brisk walk we went on at the Los Alamitos Trail to Almaden Lake and back.

Flat trail for a brisk walk

This is one of those trails that is paved and flat making it a no-stress leisurely trail to walk for those days when you want a nature workout without the hilly exertion.

The trail is a flat winding paved pathway with lots and lots of picnic benches along the way.

Wildflowers in the spring that turn golden in the summer

In the spring beautiful wildflowers flank the pathways which all turn a golden brown by summer.

6-8 Mile Walk to Almaden Lake and Back

On a weekday afternoon when my friend Padmini and I went the trail was pleasantly empty . We walked all the way to Almaden Lake, looped around it and walked all the way back for a total of 6.5 mile round trip walk.

Los Alamitos Creek

As its namesake, you walk on the trail on the banks of the Los Alamitos Creek which in the spring is rippling with spring water.

One the weekends the trail is very popular and packed with people. Young, old and in between – ranging from slow strolls, to brisk walkers, to joggers can be found on this popular Almaden Valley South Bay trail.

On a beautiful spring day, Los Alamitos Creek Trail is the perfect balance for a nature walk that is meditative and calming. One can get onto the trail at multiple entry points including at Almaden Lake. So pick your entrance and walk away!

Los Alamitos Creek Trail

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