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Farm Fresh Veggies Delivered to Our Door

I love farmer’s market veggies, so naturally when I received this message from my friend Rita last week “Hi, I have some extra spinach, dill, chard, turnips, arugula and Tuscan kale from my farmer’s market  friend. Would you ladies want some?”  “Delivery included 😉.  Which would you like, some of each?  How could my answer for farm fresh veggies delivered to our door be anything but a resounding, YES, PLEASE. Thank you so much!”  My friend Rose requested a combo of spinach, chard, arugula and kale. I asked for all of it!  Rita’s response was “Ok I’ll drop them off at both your porches tomorrow afternoon. You’re welcome!”   Continue reading Farm Fresh Veggies Delivered to Our Door

Winter Farmer’s Market Bounty

I was so excited to finally stop by the farmer’s market last weekend after a 2-month hiatus. My usual farmer’s market that I like to go to took a break over the holidays and just reopened a couple weeks ago in January. But with the off and on rain we have had I didn’t get a chance to stop by until last weekend when it was a sunny 65 degrees! Continue reading Winter Farmer’s Market Bounty

There’s Farmers Markets and There’s Farmers Markets

Oh how I love going to the Farmer’s Market. We are so fortunate in our area to have so many farmer’s markets to choose from all over town and throughout the year. Lately I’ve been going to a farmer’s market that recently popped up in one of our local Oakridge mall parking lots. I found out about this farmer’s market from my friend Padmini.  She and many of our friends used to frequent a farmer’s market every Sunday years ago at an old Mervyns department store parking lot, way before farmer’s markets became so trendy as they are now.  Then a day came when this old farmer’s market got kicked out by developers who converted the Mervyns parking lot into a strip mall, and we all started looking for alternative farmer’s markets. We found other farmer’s markets around town to shop at, but we sure missed our old one 😞. Continue reading There’s Farmers Markets and There’s Farmers Markets

A Farmer’s Market Friendship & A Giant Delivery of Farm Fresh Greens

I recently received a huge box of all sorts of greens from the farmer’s market from my friend Rita and her husband Chris. You see Rita has become friends with one of the farm stand owners at her local Farmer’s Market.  Over time as she developed her friendship with this one farm stand vendor she started sharing a few of her homemade foods with him every time she stopped by the market.  On the occasions when Rita happened to stop by the market before it closed, her Farmer’s Market friend would give Rita all of whatever vegetables were leftover that morning. It could be any variety of vegetables depending on the season. This time in early spring Rita came home with a bounty of all sorts of greens. She had enough greens for herself, for a couple of friends, and a giant box of greens for me as well!  I’m talking over 20 bags of greens! And so began a Farmer’s Market friendship. Continue reading A Farmer’s Market Friendship & A Giant Delivery of Farm Fresh Greens

How to Make Artisanal Soap

In my previous article on Artisanal Soaps  I mentioned that I have a friend Rose M. who makes her own homemade artisanal soaps. To get a better understanding of how these soaps are made I asked Rose to share with me the process of how she makes her soaps. I was blown away at the instructions. It’s not a quick “let’s make soap” type of project.  Making artisanal soaps take time, effort and precision.

Continue reading How to Make Artisanal Soap

A Scenic Drive to Bolinas Lagoon, California

Sometimes you just want to get in the car and go on a drive and enjoy the open-road. You know what I mean?  Especially after a rough week, it’s a great feeling to get away from all the noise and be out in nature. Once in a while I love doing this. Take a drive on a panoramic road where the destination is not something touristy, but rather something more simple; it could be just to check out a farm-stand, or to stop by a special nursery, or in this case, to see a few grey and white seals. Continue reading A Scenic Drive to Bolinas Lagoon, California

Visit to Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa, Kenya. This charming coastal town in South East Kenya is the hometown of Hitesh’s family. Mombasa is different from other cities in Kenya. Because this area was a trading post for Arab merchants who traded between East Africa and the Middle East, you see a lot of Arab influence here, from decor, to architecture, to the people. While majority of people in Kenya are Christian, in this coastal area a lot of the folks are Muslim. You see many mosques and you even hear morning prayer calls from loud speakers in Mombasa. It really is a town with a unique character different from the rest of Kenya. Continue reading Visit to Mombasa, Kenya

Heirloom Tomatoes with Salt & Pepper

Heirloom tomatoes with salt and pepper. Yes, It’s that simple.  And it looks and tastes amazing. Every year in late summer heirloom tomatoes are showing up at Farmer’s Markets and grocery stores.  Heirloom tomatoes come in a rainbow of colors and in all shapes and sizes – that’s what makes them heirloom tomatoes, and so much fun to look at and eat. Continue reading Heirloom Tomatoes with Salt & Pepper