Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner 2018

Hello folks, hope you had an awesome THANKSGIVING! 🍁🦃  Our holiday was relaxing and fun spent cooking with family and watching some feel-good Christmas movies. I didn’t get a chance to share our Thanksgiving menu with you earlier because to be honest we were rather behind in deciding on our menu. So behind in fact that we went grocery shopping Wednesday night and onThanksgiving Day!  Lucky for us our local grocery store still had stocked shelves of produce 🍎🌶🍅.

Last year all our assignments for dinner went so smoothly that we had one of the best Thanksgiving dinner’s ever! We started cooking in the afternoon while noshing on appetizers simultaneously until dinner time when we sat down for a scrumptious meal prepared by all.  Here is a look at last year’s menu. Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner 2017.



This year our Thanksgiving day stared off on a fabulous note here in the Bay Area. After ten days of the worst air quality in the world because of the California wildfires we had rain all-day Wednesday which cleaned the air out completely. Everyone was out jogging and walking 😀 and happy to be breathing fresh air again! Perfect beginning to Thanksgiving day, as we had much to be thankful for.



With such a gorgeous day ahead of us I stepped out to wander in my garden and cut a few maple tree branches that were positively glowing orange, gold, and ruby!






I used the maple branches for our table setting.  Nothing like using natural elements to make any tablescape spectacular!



Here is a look at this year’s vegetarian Thanksgiving menu.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu 2018
Wild Mushrooms & Leeks with Melted brie– Rani
Apple Ginger Cider – Hitesh
Roasted Root Vegetables on a Bed of Greens– Anjali
Spaghetti with Jazzed up Store-bought Marinara Sauce – Me
Gingerbread Spiced Cupcakes with Orange Ginger Cream Cheese Frosting – Sri

Many hands make light work” 😊  – old English proverb.





Delicious dinner prepared by all.







Sitting down for a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal.


Ending the night with dessert and coffee.

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner 2018”

  1. Lovely post. A family that cooks together stays together👏. Everything and everyone looks great. I bet you looked lovely but we don’t get to see you because of course you were the photographer😊

    Liked by 1 person

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