31 Questions and Answers on COVID-19

My thoughts on what to do now. and other topics.” by Bill Gates

I’ve always admired Bill Gates. His philanthropic work goes without saying and his keen and intelligent observations and opinions on varied topics around the world have been noted by leaders and scientists all over.  That’s why for me knowing what Bill Gates is thinking on COVID-19 was very informative.  He puts it out there in straight talk – no unnecessary editorials, just plain solid information based on data.  If you have questions about the pandemic and are looking for answers backed up with science I encourage you to read this article. The questions are smart and the answers are to the point.  Bottom line:  Wash your hands, Social distancing & Aggressive testing are the answers.

31 Questions and Answers on COVID-19. My thoughts on what to do now and other topics on Gatesnotes.com


Stay safe, stay healthy, wash you hands, and let’s continue on this social distancing journey together.  Sending virtual hugs your way 🤗🤗.

4 thoughts on “31 Questions and Answers on COVID-19”

  1. thanks, kalpana, for posting the link. i also like bill gates bec he’s down to earth and no nonsense. fun fact: i met him MANY years ago at a tech trade show in las vegas. he was nice and approachable and we took a photo with him. this was before he became a billionaire but he was well known in high tech. stay well!

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    1. Oh how cool that you got to meet Bill Gates before he became uber famous!! He is our generation’s real life hero in my opinion. I have the utmost respect for what he is doing with his wealth and his intelligence. Glad you found this article helpful Joji. Stay safe and healthy!!❤️


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