Friday Flowers. Spring Garden Vibes

Hello and Happy Friday! Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead. Today I’d like to share pics of spring flowers blooming in my garden.

My spring flowers bloomed later than usual this year because of all the rains and storms we’ve had since December.

With the temperatures moderately warmer now than it has been the last few months, the daffodils, freesias and other odds and end perennials have finally started blooming. Here’s a look at my spring garden flowers.


Daffodils in all shapes, colors and sizes. I plant more each year as these are so forgiving and come back every year and even multiply.


I love love freesias!! I think these are my favorite springtime flowers. They scream SPRING with their rainbow colored blooms. The best part is they multiply and come back year after year. A workhorse, these little bulbs put on a spectacular spring show.

Odds and Ends. Tulips, Primrose, Geraniums and More

Other perennials blooming are a tulip here and there (I just cannot for the life of me grow tulips en mass). Primrose always a winner of a winter/springtime flower, geraniums bloom all winter long in our sheltered patio, columbine setting bud, and hellebore which re blooms every winter without fail.

That’s a quick look at my spring March garden. More rain on the way next week! Our gardens are going to be the happiest they’ve been in years this summer!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. I like sunny weather but having grown up in San Francisco, I appreciate cooler days. So I love your photo of the misty fog hovering over your garden. Perfect! ♥️

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