Stuffed Apricots with Goat Cheese and Warm Honey

Fresh apricots are a treat in the summertime and this appetizer allows the delicious apricot to shine with mild goat cheese, sprinkle of toasted pistachios and a drizzle of warm honey.

About the recipe

I had lunch at our dear friend Radhika’s place recently where we were treated to a phenomenal vegetarian South Indian meal. An array of dishes delicately flavored and made extra special with wonderful company. Radhika had served this light apricot appetizer to start our lunch.

The beauty is in its simplicity and originality. Halved apricots are stuffed with creamy salty goat cheese, and topped with toasted pistachios and micro greens. Then drizzled with warm honey. Such a wonderful play of flavors and textures.

Sweet, tangy, salty with the fabulous fragrance of fresh apricot and warm honey. A half or two is all you need to feel satisfied. Really an amazing creation from my friend Radhika. Give it a try!

Stuffed Apricots with Goat Cheese and Warm Honey
recipe contributed by Radhika


Apricots as many as you want. Pits removed and halved
Creamy goat cheese at room temperature
Toasted pistachios lightly chopped – I buy salted roasted pistachios from Trader Joe’s
Microgreens (or greens such as arugula finely chopped)


Place apricot halves on a platter. Place a teaspoon of goat cheese in each half. Sprinkle chopped pistachios then evenly distribute microgreens on top.

Right before serving, lightly warm honey and drizzle over apricots. Serve right away.

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    1. Thank Dorothy! Our stone fruit season has been going strong for a couple of months and slowing down now. This is an amazing recipe! I was thinking these stuffed apricots could make a great dessert too!

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