Swimming in Summertime Apples from the Garden

We had just picked over 30 apples from our apple tree, after picking over 20 apples just a few days earlier, and even more few days before that. These apples were taking over my counter and the refrigerator drawers.


Mind you we have just one apple tree and its not that big, but that little tree has over 300 apples this year. I told Hitesh we need to stop picking the apples as we can’t go through them fast enough and I don’t have space for my other vegetables and fruits, but he said he doesn’t want them eaten by the critters, so he goes out and picks a bunch of apples every few days. He wants me to make a couple of apple pies or as he put it “Get creative, you can do it!”


My apples ripen in the summer in July and by end of August the apples are all harvested. It’s called Anna apple and I bought it as a tiny bare root tree many years ago. When we moved to our new home in Los Gatos I dug up the apple tree from my previous home and moved it to my new garden.  Anna loved her new location. In just 4 years she has tripled in size and is producing apples like crazy. I think I picked a good location for her, but she is soon outgrowing this spot, so I am in a quandary.


In an effort to use up the bounty of summertime apples from our garden I made a few apple inspired dishes.  A savory salad with apples and sugar snap peas, an apple and ginger cake, an apple loaf, and an apple gallette, and shared these treats with friends and coworkers at the office.

Still have loads of apples waiting to be picked and eaten.  Time to share our apple bounty with neighbors and friends.

Get ready for a bushel of apple inspired recipes 🍎.


🍎🍏”An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”🍏🍎

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