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Hodgepodge Soup with Carrots, Fennel, Peas & Parsnips

It was a Sunday evening and I hadn’t done much by way of grocery shopping the week leading up to it, and here I was wondering what soup to make for dinner. I looked in the refrigerator and I had a little of this and little of that – i.e. little bit of carrots, two fennel bulbs, parsnips, and peas in the freezer. Hence the name hodgepodge soup for this concoction of a veggie soup. Continue reading Hodgepodge Soup with Carrots, Fennel, Peas & Parsnips

Broccoli White Cheddar Soup & The Watercolor That Got Me Hooked on it

Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California is a historic mansion and gardens that offer a wide variety of enrichment classes on painting, drawing, botanical sketches, and high-end floral arrangements. I chose to take their watercolor painting class as it was a short two-day class and more than anything I really wanted to attend a class at the beautiful Filoli Gardens in early spring when their daffodils are in bloom. Continue reading Broccoli White Cheddar Soup & The Watercolor That Got Me Hooked on it

Potato Leek Soup with Herb Flavored Sea Salt & Truffle Oil

Potato leek soup is my friend Rose’s signature soup. Rose makes it every time she has a gathering, and it is always a big hit. Rose usually serves her potato leek soup with a side of lavender & herb-flavored sea salt and truffle oil, which transforms an already delicious soup into something decadent. Continue reading Potato Leek Soup with Herb Flavored Sea Salt & Truffle Oil

Cream of Celery Soup

Cream of celery soup with creamy hazelnuts? Yup, that’s what makes this soup so yummy and unique. I had this delicious celery soup at my friend Shalini’s home when we met for lunch one afternoon. Creamy celery soup accompanied with a faro salad, some roasted Brussels sprouts on thin pita strips with mint chutney, along with fresh fruit and a cheese board – this lunch was wholesome, nutritious, and packed with flavor. Continue reading Cream of Celery Soup

Tomato & White Cheddar Soup

Tomato & White Cheddar Soup


  • 2 15oz cans stewed or crushed tomatoes in juice
  • 1 white onion finely chopped
  • 5 cloves garlic crushed
  • 1/2 tsp crushed red chili peppers
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp unsalted butter
  • 2 tbsp all purpose flour or any nut flour
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 cup shredded white cheddar cheese plus more for garnish
  • Salt and pepper
  • 5-6 basil leaves
  • 1 tbsp herbs such as thyme, rosemary or chives.
  • 2 slices of bread for croutons
  • 1/4 cup cream

Continue reading Tomato & White Cheddar Soup

Zucchini Lemon Soup

The inspiration for a lemon zucchini soup was my abundance of lemons. Loads of lemons in baskets were forcing me to get creative with using them in my cooking. Since it was a Sunday and I always make soup for dinner on Sunday I made sure my soup whichever soup I made had lemons. This zucchini lemon soup is what I conjured up. It’s light and delicious with fresh lemon flavor and lots of vegetables. The entire family devoured this zucchini soup, I mean having two bowls each and cleaned the pot out completely, not leaving anything behind. They loved this soup 😋.  I hope you will too. Continue reading Zucchini Lemon Soup

Leek and Kale Soup with Ravioli Dumplings

Combining leeks and kale in a soup came as an idea after I had bought these beautiful bunches of leeks and kale from the farmer’s market. I wanted to make a soup with these two vegetables and I was trying to figure out how to get the soup to be more substantial. I considered adding barley, or legumes such as white beans, but then the idea to add ravioli came from my friend Iya.  She said she had made ravioli soup a few times with veggies and chicken that both she and her husband liked a lot. I thought this was a great idea. I used readymade spinach and ricotta ravioli in my soup but you can use any type of ravioli you prefer. This soup is filling as it is delicious 😋! Continue reading Leek and Kale Soup with Ravioli Dumplings

Celery Root and Asparagus Soup

Celery root is a new vegetable discovery of mine.  I’ve had celery root in a few dishes at restaurants and most recently as a roasted vegetable when we went to our friends Oliver and Jo’s place for dinner.  It was about time I gave this interesting vegetable a second look.  I finally bought a giant celery root bulb not really knowing what I was planning on doing with it. When I got around to using my celery root I looked up what celery root tasted like.  What I read is that celery root has a mild celery flavor with the texture of a potato when cooked.

I decided to use my celery root in an asparagus soup. I usually make asparagus soup with a potato to add a bit of creamy texture; I figured celery root would add the same creamy texture with the added bonus of a celery flavor. Because this soup has so much natural vegetable flavoring, I skipped my usual soup herbs and spices. it really doesn’t need them. This soup turned out delicious, the family loved it 😋.  Here is the recipe. Continue reading Celery Root and Asparagus Soup

Butternut Squash, Apple & Leek Soup

Our friend Oliver’s butternut squash Vichyssoise style soup with apples and leeks was the inspiration for my variation of this butternut squash soup.  Oliver gave me the three main ingredients that made his soup taste so good – butternut squash, apples and leeks –  I improvised with the rest. Here is a recipe for a delicious creamy butternut squash soup with the tart sweetness of apples and the delicate oniony flavor of leeks. Continue reading Butternut Squash, Apple & Leek Soup