Olive Picking in the Garden

Hello and Happy Friday! Hope you’re having a good week and are ready for the weekend. Today I’d like to share some pics of an impromptu olive picking get together I had last week.

I really didn’t think anyone would take me up on my offer. Who wants to pick olives? Not me. Imagine my surprise when not one or two but I had five ladies interested in stopping by.

This year I have thousands of olives dripping on my trees! It’s an abundance of olives with no way to use them all.

What we picked is just a small fraction of what’s still on the trees.

It’s a lot of work to get these beauties edible. I do have a relatively easy process that involves just water and salt to make a brine. Here is the link if you’re curious.

A successful olive picking deserves a good cup of tea and treats. I made a simple teatime menu with fresh fruit, tea sandwiches, store bought samosas and our friend Babita brought these delicious almond thumb print cookies.

Now I wait to hear back on how their olive brining project is going 😀😊.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

13 thoughts on “Olive Picking in the Garden”

  1. Dolly ! You have not been Remiss ( negligent) at all … I love ❤️ Your Blog for the mouthwatering dishes , your travel adventures and did I mention your Gardening Skills …The lovely Flowers ( specially Mums) in full Bloom and Green Thumb for Vegetables ….amazing Dolly ! You have taken your Passion for Gardening to a whole new level ! Happy Thanksgiving to you Sll

  2. Amazing to see how olives grow..and surely you have lovely friends who helped you pick the do many olives.

    Good to read your blog after long

    1. Yes I know, Ive been remise in blogging lately. To be honest there wasnt much to blog about the last few weeks, but now with the holidays upon us and meeting with friends again I have more content to share 😊

  3. Love the pictures. When we visited Italy I observed that nets were hung and draped below olive trees, even in the hotel parking lot. When I asked about the practice, informed to catch the olives. Claudia

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